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Read the inspirational, exciting, and motivating stories from real people that have benefited from the Universal Grappling Academy. Hear how training at the U.G.A. has changed their physical, athletic, and personal lives. Being a part of this program not only improves your self esteem, and confidence, but can help you make Huge differences with small changes. Here at the Universal Grappling Academy we don't just train in self defense and fitness, we save lives!

*Fernando Hernandez went from 275 lbs down to 225 lbs

*Alex Gray - 255 lbs down to 228 lbs

*Balentin Camargo - lost 20 lbs

*Felipe - lost 15 lbs

*Gabe Barrera went from 240 lbs down to 185 lbs

*Marky Samano -at 7 yrs old won the North American Grappling Association Tournament

*Paul K. grew up from 13 yrs old in the UGA and now has over 20 MMA fights

*Jack Miles went from the UGA kids class to winning his first MMA cage fight in 2008

*Carlos(7) & Giovanni(6) are now known through-out the MMA world and sponsored by Randy Couture

*Javier Maya went from a 40 yr old father of 3 to a grappling champion 

*Seth Kuhlmann - at 14 yrs old won the N.A.G.A. Tournament

*Ryan Spangler - at 7yrs old won his first grappling tournament match in 10 seconds

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Inspirational Stories from the Universal Grappling Academy