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Saturday February 1, 2014 - Last night (Jan. 31st) in Fresno, CA. the UGA's Lissette Neri was honored at the Cali-Fight Awards with the "2014 Female Fighter of the Year" Award. Then tonight Lissette "The Hammer" Neri won her title fight at the Gladiator Challenge "Uprising" event. She is now (5-0) and the GC 155lb Woman's Champion. Lissette has made history as the First and Only Woman's MMA Champion in the High Desert. With so much and so many against her, Lissette has defied the odds and proved them all wrong. We are all so very proud of all of her hard work, dedication and all that she has accomplished. Eric Smith made his 185lb pro-debut and smashed his opponent in 1:28 of the first round, winning with a rolling guillotine choke. We expect big things from this 30 year old fighter as he continues to work his way up the ranks. A possible drop to 170lbs is in the works. Great job too both U.G.A. Fighters for starting the 2014 year off with 2 wins and a World Title.

 Saturday 12/28/ 2013- Tonight at the Soboba Sports Complex in San Jacinto, CA. Lissette "The Hammer" Neri gave her coach Tyson Johnson and their U.G.A. team a reason to celebrate the New Year to come as she won her 4th consecutive Pro MMA fight this year. After winning Gold in the women's division at N.A.G.A. Lissette worked hard to achieve her goal of knocking off 4 fights in 2013. She is now 4-0 and plans on dropping 2 weight classes and competing at least twice in 2014. We are very proud of Lissette and look forward to her accomplishments in the future.

December 7, 2013 - Lissette neri of the UGA has completed her 3rd fight this year and is now 3-0 in her MMA career. At 150lbs and dropping, Lissette continues to work on being a strong force in women's MMA.

September 7-21, 2013 - Lissette Neri has been with the U.G.A. for 2 years now and has done some great things. At 5'2 and weighing in at over 200lbs she came to the UGA to change her life and make a difference. After 2 years and after losing over 60lbs, Lissette has finally achieved her goal of becoming a professional MMA fighter. This month Lissette had 2 fights in a 2 week period and won them both by TKO in the first round. We are very proud of her accomplishments and glad to have her as part of our UGA success team.

March 2, 2013  Congratulations: to the UGA's kids who went to the N.A.G.A. grappling tournament in Phoenix AZ. and did so very well representing the UGA. We are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication of our team. Danny (2 First Place and 1 Second Place), Amy ( 2 First Place), Ernesto (1 Second Place).

February 2, 2013

Coach Tyson to be Inducted: 2013 "Hall of Heroes"

After being inducted in to the 2008 U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Coach Tyson Johnson continued his dedication, contributions and daily devotion to the Martial Arts community. Tyson has now been voted and accepted to be inducted in to the 2013 "Hall of Heroes". Others who have been inducted into the "Hall of Heroes": Bruce Lee, Frank Dux, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Ed Parker, Cung Le and many more.Despite his personal battles this year the coach has continued to sacrifice, support and promote many young athletes who work hard on their martial arts training and future goals. Congratulations to Coach Tyson Johnson for his prestigeous and well deserved induction.

Sunday April 29, 2012 It was a full card at the Soboba Casino where Tedd Williams held another Gladiator Challenge event "Star Wars". First of all, the 2 Universal Grappling Academy fighters that fought won their fights. Jeremy Gice 135 lbs won his fight after only 10 seconds of the first round when the referee Jerry Davis stopped the bout due to strikes. Nelson Alvarado now at 185 lbs won his fight in the first round after his opponent tapped out due to strikes. It was the first professional win for both UGA fighters and we are very proud. It was a huge upset when UFC veteran James Irvin main evented against an unknown fighter Scott Rosa for a Gladiator Challenge Super Fight belt and lost in the second round by tko. Brian Warren won his super Fight title as well in the 170 lb class, Stephan Barrajas won the GC 135 lb belt, Rick Reger defeated Mike Sandez for the GC 155 lb title, Darrell Montague won the GC 125 lb world title as well. Other winners of the night were Ozzi Avalos, Paul Zilius, Saad Awad, Georgi Karakhanyan, Anthony Pintor, Brandon Berger, Danny Lockhart, Leonard Smith, Zach Williams, Waylon Kennel, Fabian Diaz, Marcos Jiminez, Blake mayson, Sean Fall, and Everet Cummings who defended his 185 lb Amateur belt.

Friday March 30, 2012 The Thundervalley Casino Resort held its 3rd Gladiator Challenge event tonight and it was sold out! 13 fights inside the casino event room had the crowd screaming all night long. For the first time in history a father, son, and son in law fought and won their bouts in an MMA event. Cal Worsham, his son Hunter Worsham, and their in-law Ryan Burton made that happen. Tonight also saw UFC veteran James Irvin with a submission win and also the return of former Gladiator Challenge champion Jeremy Edwards get a win. Other winners of the night were: Kyle Macrath, Rich Blake, Mike Rumsey, Clinton Fouse, Gary Efhan, Joe Lucas, and in the co-main event Marcus Gaines celebrated his 26th birthday by defeating Chris Sheridan and winning the GC Middleweight Championship. Another excellent Gladiator Challenge show at one of the best casinos in California.

Saturday March 10, 2012 Elko, Nevada just had the most packed show in recent history at the Elko Indian Colony gymnasium. The Gladiator Challenge event was standing room only and the 17 fights were off the hook. Local military hero Jimmy Center won his fight and then propossed to his girlfriend in the cage, a rematch between GC Welterweight Champion Justin Baseman and challenger Jack Montgomery made the main event but saw a repeat of their first meeting as Baseman retained his title with a TKO win in the first round. Another rematch came in the heavyweight class as Chad Kelly took another loss from Collin Carlson in a bloody clash of big men. The place exploded when 2 rival schools saw their best guys fight for the GC Amateur Lightweight title. Kiwi Rodriguez took a KO loss and lost his belt to Jake Ramos after a solid kick to the head put his lights out. other winners of the night were: Luis Harro, Justin Paulson, Travess Cortez, Hernan Avila, Miguel Jiminez, Nora Lopez, Joe Rivera, Anthony Scenary, and Jorge Armendariz.

Sunday February 26, 2012 It was the first show of the New Year at the Soboba Casino and it was filled with titles and talent. 24 matches were set to happen and there was plenty of action and blood. The long awaited Pro-Fight debut of Nick Vanderpool of the U.G.A. finally came and was over in an excitng 36 seconds as Nick put a beatdown on his opponent Tony Gianopoulos. Another U.G.A. member Brad Arringdale lost his match in 7 seconds but not due to his opponent, but to the worst referee in MMA Raul Porrata who stopped the match just because Brad fell backwords after taking a kick to the armpit. The entire crowd voiced their disapproval at his horrible call. Other winners of the evening were James Irvin, Vincent Ramirez, Jason Chaves, Jason House, Kenny Quach, Steve Barajas, Joe Boxer, Nick Garcia, Dan Aguiar, Aaron Neveu defended his title with a KO win over a tough Tom Gloudman, Alex Reyes, Paul Zilius made a triumphant return with a win over Jake Myles, Mike Sandez, Shane Krutchen, Scott Rosa, and a couple Brazilian fighters who had UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in their corner.

January 2012 -Congratulations to the entire Universal Grappling Academy Team for all their hard work and for making the U.G.A. such a great place to train. Our gym has been voted in as the 2011 Gym of the Year by the High Desert MMA Awards. There are many decent gyms here in the HD, but we are #1.. Thank you all who supported the U.G.A. in this great victory! Coach Tyson Johnson aka "The IronMan" was also voted in as TKO of the Year! Congratulations Team and thanks to you all who voted. Thank you Tedd Williams, Mike Phillips, Gladiator Challenge, HD MMA Awards, Voters, Fans, Sponsors, Friends, and Family members. UGA - Gym of the Year / Tyson - TKO of the Year!

Sunday December 11, 2011 The Gladiator Challenge held it's final 2011 show at the Thunder Valley casino in Lincoln, CA. which was named Mega Stars. There were 16 fights set for this lavishly set up show inside the casino's holiday pavillion. It was one of the best set ups for an MMA show I have ever seen and enjoyed it very much. The main event saw MMA legend Don "The Preditor" Frye in a rematch from years ago in Globe, Arizona against former GC Heavyweight Champion Ruben "WarPath" Villareal. This bout was a slugfest from the opening bell and saw WarPath take no prisoner as he knocked out the UFC Hall of Famer in the first round. Josh Appelt is now the new GC Heavyweight Champ as he defeated Rob Jackson by TKO in the first round, Rob and his team may protest the stoppage by referee Mark Lawley but for now Josh is the Champ. Justin Baseman has worked hard to earn his first title in the Welterweight division by defeating Jeff Morris for the vacant belt. Steve Morgan won the vacant native American Light heavyweight title after beating Alex Zuniga by toe hold. In a super fight match up Cal Worsham defeated Matt Anderson after his original opponent backed out due to injuries. other winners of the event were: Ryan Sughrue, Rick Reger, Joe Lucas, Bernard turner, Jayson Jaynes, Danierl Romero, Cory Layton, Jaime Hantz, Steve Cabrawl, and John Reynolds. It was a good show to end the year.

Sunday December 4, 2011 The Gladiator Challenge held it's final 2011 event for the Soboba Casino. It was cold and crazy, but we got through 10 Hitman amateur fights and then 15 Pro fights. The UGA had 2 fighters on the card Jeff "CornBread" Jones and "Bad" Brad Arringdale. Bot UGA fighters won their matches, Jeff won by guillotine choke in 18 seconds of the first round, Brad won by standing rear naked choke in 1:21 of the first round. We are very proud of them and thankful to our teammates and supporters. Other winners of the night were : Fabiano Silva, Marcus Gaines, Derek Anderson, Shaka Calvin, Keith Berry, Steve Swanson, Tom Gloudeman, Cody Bollinger, Steven Barajas, Nick Kaluza, and Steven martinez.... 

Saturday 11/19/2011 The Gladiator Challenge held "Young Guns 7" at the Elko Indian Colony in Elko, Nevada. They had some good fights that saw winners in the cage such as: Jared Beasly, Oscar Sandovall, Oscar Word, Coltron Strobl, Mabry Word, George Armendariz, Theron Able, Anthony Senary, Nora Lopez, and Andrew Nash. "The IronMan" played the best of 2 worlds as he was the Ring Announcer and the full time Referee for all matches on this show.

Sunday October 16, 2011 

3 U.G.A. Fighters made their fight debuts this Sunday evening at the Soboba Casino. Aims Insurance President, Max Kabir had a brief striking scramble and then an exciting 45 second Rear Naked Choke win in the first round over former KOTC fighter Kasey Roberts. Fred Williams came out strong and kept the pressure on and never let go of the fighting Marine from San Diego "Johnathon Elenberger" , Fred won by guillotine choke in a little over 2 minutes of the first round. Justin Berg had a 3 round war with fellow athlete Shane Krutchen and won 2 of the rounds and with all fairness must say he lost the 3rd, but the incompetent judges who were too busy talking to girls at ringside some how had a unanimous decision win for Krutchen.... Justin was robbed of his victory by idiotic amateur judges who didn't belong at a professional event. Great job to all of our fighters and we look forward to improving your skills and getting you the wins that you deserve. Just don't EVER leave it in the hands of  the moronic JUDGES!! The Gladiator Challenge event went smooth and was one of the fastest we have had in quite some time ending arond 8:30 pm to everybody's happy surprise. "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson was the Announcer for both the GC and the 11 HitMan amateur Fights that took place before the Pro bouts. Some of the amateur winners were: Stephan Barajas, Anthony Deagelis, Montigo McBride, Edgar Islas, Mike Willis, Victor Chen, Brandon Collins, and Julian Pinto. Some winners from the GC pro fights were: Gary Murphy, Steve Swanson, Chris Black, Saad Awad, Shanie Rust, Chris Kirtley, Tom Gloudman, and Danny Holly.

Saturday 9/10/2011 On the eve of the 10th anniversary of 9-11 The U.S. Tower Corporation in association with Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge put on an exciting 7 fight professional card at Twilight Park in Woodlake, CA. The show was named Twilight Fight Night (TFN)...and saw the former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Doug "The Rhino" Marshall Ko Richard Blake in just 21 seconds of the first round, KickBoxing sensation Carter Williams returned to the MMA world to put on a 13 second Ko clinic on Ruben Villareal aka "WarPath", local fighter Cain Carizosa won a decision over Daniel Romero in a 3 round war, Sergio Quinones beat Anthony Vidal, Joey Cabezas defeated Steve Ramirez, Art Bercera won by decision over Chris Brady as did Mike Christiansen over Brandon Anderson. It was a warm summer night that also saw 10 hot girls competing in the Twilight Ring Girl competition to become the next Twilight Angel, lots of food, music, and fun.

Saturday August 27, 2011  It was a breath of fresh air as the first 18 fight event at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA. took place on a warm summer night. Everything ran smooth, the card went off with out a hitch, there were no problems such as bad fights, idiotic fans, fighters or cornermen, etc. MMA legend Don "The Preditor" Frye was there to announce his return to the GC cage in December to fight for the Light heavyweight title. There were 4 title fightsthat saw James Fanshier 185 lb champion lose to a young Chris Sheridan, Rick Vardell defended his Super Heavyweight belt with a quick knock out, Mike Gonzales defended his 205 lb Native American belt againd "Lil Bear", and the GC Heavyweight Champion Rob Jackson defeated the #1 prospect from the American Samoa Deutsh Pu'u by way of TKO after an exciting big man slug fest.....Other winners of the night were TJ Kuahine, Ryan Sughrue, Mario Soto, Joe Lucas, Clinton fouse, Jordon Beaver, Daniel Romero, Vaymond Dennis, Josh Appelt, Rick Reger, Freddie Aquitania, and Justin Baseman. The fighting couple Tyson and Chloe' were asked to fight in the next event at Thunder Valley in December. They usually don't fight in the cold weather and Tyson's broken back may not allow him to fight again at all. Xrays and physical therapy are scheduled for this week to begin a hopeful healing process.

Sunday August 21, 2011 The Soboba Casino hosted the Pro-Am series of the Gladiator Challenge. Universal Grappling Academy fighters Tyson Johnson, Chloe' Johnson, and Nelson Alvarado entered the cage to do battle. As usual all of their opponenet had been changed at the last minute and so they fought all new people. Nelson came up first and fought a tough battle against a rough KickBoxer but fell to a TKO in the 2nd round. Chloe' fought a hard shaking girl named Desiree and finished her with a double axe choke in 1:24 of the first round. Tyson faced a 6'3 230 lb opponent who attacked right off the bell and even slammed Tyson with his armbar attempt. Tyson finished Daryl with a TKO ground and pound at just 1:30 of the first round. The show was long and predictable, but at least the UGA went 2-1 in this event. Nelson is training hard and ready for his first win....

Saturday Aug. 13, 2011 It is just a about a week (Aug. 21st) before the "IronMan" Tyson Johnson re-enters the cage in combat form along with Chloe' Johnson, and Nelson Alvarado of the U.G.A. and this weekend was spent in Elko, NV. hosting the Gladiator Challenge "Young Guns 6" event. There were 12 Amateur fights filled with local fighters who want to some day make a name for themselves.. Kiwi Rodriguez who is the current Am. 155lb Champion defended his belt against long time rival Miguel Espetia after tapping him out in just 30 seconds in the main Event. Other winners of the night were Sam Lares, Alex Lara, Luke Jenkins, Miguel Jimenez, Oscar Sandoval, Brandon Cardoza who fought his own brother in a family battle, Elladio Silvas, Colin Carlson, Junior Lara, Erik Mclean, and Ricky Melendez...

Sunday June 12, 2011 Another whirlwind of a Gladiator Challenge show at the Soboba Casino, 17 fights went round and round and where they stopped almost nobody knows. The UGA fighters went 2/2 tonight with "Tall" Paul Karsky winning in the first round by submission, Kenny Kilgore won his fight debut in the second round by RNC after overcoming a tough first round. Heath Cassol again was treated like the red headed step child, and the young Andrew McManus admitted that he just froze up in his fight debut. Sean Loeffler was handed a Lt. Heavyweight title without fighting an opponent due to his opponent not making his flight. An interim Heavyweight title match saw Deutsch Pu'u win the belt over Ronnie Williams who is the brother of tennis celebrities Venus and Serena Williams. At the beginning of the show Reality tv personality known as "Octomom" Nadia Suleman assisted MMA host "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson as he opened the show. Other winners of the evening were Don Meyers, Liron Wilson, Lucas Tabur, Donnis Reed, Ian Delecuesta , Rickie Legere, Chris Cisneros, Joe Barajas, Eddie Yagin, Nick Barnes, Gus Limon, Jake Myles, Beau King, and David Reeder. The next Soboba show will be held August 21, 2011 where we are hoping that the show name will be "IronHeart" named after our deceased son and teammate Brenyn Nickell. This event will be the final fight for Tyson Johnson due to medical issues, also on the card will be UGA fighters Chloe' Johnson, Jeremy Butler, and Nelson Alvarado.

Saturday May 21, 2011 It was a beautiful sunny day at the Shingle Springs Rancheria area where the Red Hawk casino held what may be its final Gladiator Challenge event. The event named after current Heavyweight Champion "WarPath", saw 16 MMA fights with only 2 or 3 of them going the distance. There were 3 titles on the line that saw Jaime Jara win the 170lb super fight title from Justin Baseman, James Fanshier defeat Rich Blake for the vacant GC Middleweight title, and then Rob Jackson dethrown Ruben "WarPath" Villarreal from the GC Heavyweight crown. other winners were Sammy Saunders, Freddie Aquitania, Pete Tejeda, Jay bogan, Chris Sheridan, Jonny Goh, Nick Cummins, Dan Price, Jimmy Grant, Carlos Canez, Colleen Schneider, Nader Maghribi, and Alex Sandoval. After a great couple of years of Gladiator Challenge / Red Hawk casino promotions, we can only hope that the casino heads realize that they should continue what has been a successful and exciting production.

Saturday May 7, 2011 Tonight "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson showed why he is called "The IronMan" as he pulled triple duty by working as the Announcer, Referee, and Judge at the latest GC promotion. It was war in Elko, Nevada as the Gladiator Challenge held its "Young Guns" event at the Elko Indian colony Gymnasium. With only 11 fights during a huge night in Boxing the GC had packed the gymnasium and the fights were all worth the money. In the main event Kiwi Rodriguez won the Am-Lightweight title against a game Chris Crowder, the co-main event saw Jimmy Center bounce back from his loss at Soboba to win a decision against the rough and tough Mike Crisman who was supposed to rematch a no-contest fight with James Irvin. Other winners of the night were Curt Gravlee, Frankie diMartino, Phillip Wilson, Jeff Bok, Matt Zataray, Eladio Silvas, Jasper Camas, Devlin Bayen, and Chad Kelly. All the fights were action packed and everybody came out to make a name for themselves.

Friday April 22, 2011 The Gladiator Challenge returned to the Soboba Casino on what is known as "Good Friday" and held 22 action packed MMA fights. In his MMA debut the UGA's Jeremy Butler finished in just 12 seconds with a stunning knock-out over his opponent. See Jeremy butlers fight video on  Matt Hagge lost by way of arm bar and Tim Lindsay was KO'ed. Other fighters that were victorious were Tony Lopez, John Morgan, Tom Gloudman, Matt Frembling, David Salas, Joe Bajaras, Ethan Williams, Liron Wilson, and a few others. It was a well ran show that had the stars out to see the festivities such as Shug Knight and others who enjoyed the ultimate battles. Now in just 8 days on Saturday April 30, 2011 the UGA will be holding its "Fitness 4 Life" Run Out Child Obesity event at the local Silverado High School. This 5k running or walking event will help promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the youth of the community. We'll be giving away bikes, scooters and other fun gifts for those youngsters who finish the track event. Later that night GSP will defend his UFC title against Jake Shields and Randy Couture will have his final UFC fight against Lioto Machida.

Sunday February 20, 2011 Can anyone say "Clusterfuck"?...Thats what the definition of what so many others have said with So much confusion and unprofessionalism. The U.G.A. team fighters were once again lied to and judged unfairly, basically screwed over as usual. Matt Hagge (now 1-1) ended up fighting some guy way past his current skill level and 20+ lbs above his weight class after being promised some one his level and class for the past 2 months. Sylvia Ruiz (now 1-1) clearly won 2 of 3 rounds and the misguided and unprofessional judges who had some sort of something to do with her opponent gave a split decision to the other side. Eric Johnson (0-1) fought a decent first round and did ok for a guy who spent very little time in the UGA training room due to a new job. Respect and congratulations go out to their opponents who fought well and got the wins for the evening. Other winners of the night were Puni Ammunie, Gary Padilla, Dan "The Beast" Severn, Sonny Sweet, Robbie Peralta, Wes Combs, Dale Breese, Brandon Anderson, and Jimmy Center. We can only hope to improve on our performances and rise above to larger events. Never leave it to the judges, thats a standing rule.

December 12, 2010 The U.G.A. Fight Team went 3-1 tonight at the Gladiator Challenge event held at the Soboba Casino. There were 26 fights, but the UGA had some of the most exciting bouts of the entire evening. Mighty Mia Hayes (Camara) defeated Jacqulyn Boyle by guillotine choke in the 2nd round. Tim Hulsey lost a close decision to Matt Butler after 3 rounds. "Big" Luis Lopez won a tough scrap by rear naked choke in the 3rd round with Johnny who showed some entertaining and unorthodox moves. Matt "The Hit Man" Hagge put on a fast paced and hard pounding fight as he defeated Edwin Hoffman in the 2nd round by rear naked choke. it was the MMA Pro-Fight debut for Matt, Luis, and Tim, Mia's 2nd fight, and we are proud of them all and thankful to the over 200 UGA fans and supporters who came to see the show. other winners of the night were: Everett Cummings, Tremaine Rider, Sean mc Caferty, Daren smith, Jordon Isordia, Edgar Hernandez, Filipe Portela, Robbie Peralta, Sean Loeffler, Dave Cryer, Nick Gonzalez, Jayson Durrant, and Jake Mapes.

November 12, 13, 14, 2010 Our Mia Hayes-Camara has been battling breast cancer long before the time she joined the U.G.A. and at that time it was winning. She was 225lbs and had dreams of being a champion grappler and potentially an MMA fighter. It's been a couple of years now and since her start with Tyson Johnson's Universal Grappling Academy her weight has gone down to 165lbs, she has 3 2nd place grappling tournament placings and has won The North American Grappling Association (N.A.G.A.) womens championship. In the last year it seemed as though that was all she would accomplish as her cancer took a terminal stance, but Mia is UGA tough and wouldn't tap out and give up her dream. Today, Mia beat cancer as it did not stop her from living her dream because on Friday November 12, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada Mia Camara realized her dream as she fought and won in just 58 seconds by guillotine choke in the first round. Great job Mia, could we all be more proud to see her accomplish her life dreams?
On November 13th Tyson hosted the G.C. show at the Red Hawk casino in Placerville, CA. where 15 MMA fights saw Rick Randolph the GC Light Heavyweight champion defeat and win the GC Middleweight title as well, Rick Vardell defeated Dan Quinn, and Mike Gonzalez defeated William Johnson to retain the GC Native American 205lb title. November 14, 2010 we had 2 UGA members Isaiah Abeyta and Jamal Pogue competed in a grappling tournament and both took 2nd place awards.

October 24, 2010 It was the Soboba Casino / Gladiator Challenge Extreme Sports Festival on a mild Autum Sunday. 37 amateur fights, expo booths, UFC Creator Art Davie, Hip hop Producer Shug Knight, sexy ladies, and many MMA fans to go along with the 25 pro bouts that were featured at night. Making his fight debut was Silverado High School graduate and now U.G.A. fighter Jeremy Gice. This 18 yr old is sure to be a future champion and looked to be on his way until he was caught in a guillotine choke that he was unable to escape and lost his first MMA bout. Ray Parenteau also repeated his attempt to find victory but again was caught in another armbar. Tim Lindsay of the U.G.A. was the only fighter to enjoy a victory of the night after dominating Josh Miller for 2 rounds before getting a submission. Other winners of the night were: Tony Dalton, Marvin Garcia, Cody Haurd, Chris Kirtly, Kadge Rude, Robbie Peralta, Mathew Williams, Zachary Williams, Adam gonzales, Peter dominguez, Ralph Miller, Melvin Acosta, Eric Prindle, and Wes Combs. The night before was UFC 121 where Brock Lesnar lost his Heavyweight title to Cain Velasquez, Mat Hamil beat that loud mouth Tito Ortiz, and Jake Shield stole a cheap victory from Martin Kampman, while Diego Sanchez won a tough but well deserved victory over Thiago Silva.

September 18, 2010 It was probably the last of the warm weathered events at the Red Hawk Casino for this year as "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson hosted the Gladiator Challenge (Undisputed) show. 15 fights of hard hitting action and 2 veterans that were expected to win take losses. The first of the 2 veterans was Wes Combs who got a shot at the vacant GC Heavyweight Championship after former champ Angel DeAnda quit the promotion to go fight Past champ and UFC veteran James Irvin in another promotion. DeAnda was slated to defend his title against Dave Huckaba who was ousted from the GC after fighting for another promotion within 45 days of his shot at the title. So DeAnda was set to face Combs but then he quit and it was Ruben "WarPath" Villarreal that stepped up. They fought the 3 rounds to reach a majority decision in favor of "Warpath" who is the new GC Heavyweight Champion. Another veteran Tim "Big Perm" Persey took an unexpected tko loss in the 3rd round to Robert Jackson. The best part of the night was the induction of Jaime Jara in to the GC Hall of Fame and then his easy win over Nathan Espinoza in which his 7 year old son was there to witness for the first time. Congratulations to our friend and associate Jaime Jara. One of the best fights was between 2 300+ pound Samoans who foght to a tough decision. Winners of the night were Oscar Martinez, CJ Leveque, Sione Umufuke, Sean Pierre, Dillion Mueller, Jose Quinonez, Adam Porter, Eric Flood, Steve Morgan, and Max Griffin. UGA fighters Jeremy Butler and Gice along with Ray Parenteau are training hard for their October 24th fights at Soboba Casino and will be making an appearance with Coach tyson Johnson at the Streetz store inside the Mall of Victorvalley 1 week before the event. Superstar kids grappler 8 year old Ryan Spangler who won the N.A.G.A. Championship Belt last weekend in Las Vegas again won another wrestling tournament this weekend.

September 11, 2010   It was a day to remember as we think of our country and how the New York skyline has changed. The good part of the day was our World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Ryan "The Strangler" Spangler won another N.A.G.A. championship in Las Vegas. The U.G.A. is just putting the finishing touches on it's 2,000 sq ft expansion. The tanning room is up and running, the dry sauna is almost ready, the boxing ring is awesome, and soon the rest will be completed. By far the best training center in the High Desert and for the lowest costs as well.

August 20, 2010 The Gladiator Challenge held 15 fights at the Soboba Casino on this Friday night. The crowd wasn't as packed as in past events but those who were there saw some exciting fights. 2 veteran Universal Grappling Academy fighters, Tina "The Tigress" Austin and "Tall" Paul Karsky, did battle as did a UGA greenhorn in Ray Parenteau. Tina who weighed in at 121lbs faced a female who did not make weight and we were told weighed in at 150lbs; but when the truth came out, Tabitha Harvey weighed 200lbs. The Tigress didn't flinch and she went out and destroyed her opponent in the first round, winning by tko. Paul fought another returning fighter from the past glory days of Soboba MMA in "The Man of War" Melvin Costa. The first round went to paul after some good exchanges and submission attempts, but in the 2nd round Paul seemed to give up due to poor conditioning and Melvin pounded out a 2nd round tko victory. Ray spent his time training with "Joe Stevenson's" Cobra Kai and it showed as he was tapped out in 30 seconds. He showed where he wants to be as he wore UGA shorts and came out under the UGA banner, but as of Monday he will be a true UGA member and we'll make sure he Trains Hard & Finishes Strong! other winners of the night were Keith Berry, Sean Loeffler, Thomas Noel, Aaron Brink, Monica Lopez, and Brian Weaver.

August 14, 2010 "The IronMan" returned to Elko, Nevada to host the Gladiator Challenge and the return of "Tall" Paul Karsky to the cage after a year lay off. Paul fought local competitior Spencer Garvin during the 9th bout of the evening and was stopped by tko in the 2nd round. Paul is set to fight again on Friday August 20, 2010 at the Soboba Casino. Another local hero, Jimmy Center saw his first loss to "Sugar Loaf" by decision. Other winners were Jack Montgomery, Justin Stayley, Chris Crowder, Leo Robelo, Junior Lara, Spencer Roberts, Altio Silvas, and Jesse See.

July 31, / August 1, 2010

Ryan Spangler is the World Jiu-Jitsu Champion!

The World Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Championships was a tough 2 day tournament held in Southern California on Saturday July 31, and August 1, 2010. But on those days only 1 person stood out above the rest defeating former and current champions from all over the world. His name is Ryan "The Strangler" Spangler from the Universal Grappling Academy.

Not even the mighty "Athena"  the very best student from "Riverside Submission" who has 2 years more experience and 12lbs as an advantage could stop our UGA Super Star.

Congratulations and great job to Ryan and his his father "George' for all of their hard work and for being our World Champion teammates.

World Champion: Ryan Spangler - 1st place (no Gi)  Advanced Division / 1st place (Gi) Yellow Belt Division

July 17, 2010 The Red Hawk Casino was red hot this weekend with Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge in town. sponsored the event under the summer sun as we saw 15 MMA fights that had some of the old favorites back on the card. James Fanshier and Jaime Jara along with Dave Huckaba all fought to a successful end in their bouts. Angel De Anda the GC Heavyweight Champion defended his belt against undefeated Josh Appelt, and Rick Randolph beat Rich Blake for the vacant Lt. Heavyweight title. Robert Ballard faced his first loss against Victor Moreno via tko, and "Bad" Brad Mc Donald won a tough fight against Giovanni Encarnacion, while Martin "Little Tarzan" Sandoval won his match in the first round.

June 27, 2010 "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson hosted another 25 fight card at the Soboba Casino for the Gladiator Challenge! This card saw the likes of MMA veterans Keith Berry and Sean Loeffler, as well as new comers from the UGA such as Chloe' "The Cure" Johnson who weighed in at 122lbs submitted her way to her first professional MMA victory and is now 1-1 with a bright future to come. "The Big" Kjell Cordero who stands 6'4 and weighed in at 250lbs made his MMA debut and won by way of tko after busting up his opponents face. Heath Cassol weighed in at 201lbs and was on his way to victory when the event nurse (from a cross town rival school) made a bad call (verified by 2 top referees) and stopped the fight in between rounds due to a cut that wasnt even bleeding. We've seen people bleeding like pigs at this show and were aloud to continue, but the UGA champ wasn't even given the option from the Kobra Kai medical staffer. Great job to all the UGA fighters who worked Trained Hard & Finished Strong! Thanks to all the Sponsors, Friends, and Family Members who supported our team. 

U.G.A. Tournament Results

May 29, 2010 - Grapplers Quest (Las Vegas)  &  Guts and Glory (Ontario, California)

First off a HUGE congratulations to the U.G.A.'s  2009 Competitor of the Year Ryan "The Strangler" Spangler as he took  (2) Advanced Division Championships at the Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The rest of these results are from the Guts & glory Tournament held at Ontario High School in California.

Mike Maddux - 1st place

Kjell Cordero - 2nd place (Absolute Open class)

Dylan Wood - (2) 2nd place awards 75lb & 105lb divisions

Marky Samano - 2nd place

Junior Gomez - 2nd place

Marshal Kuhlmann - 2nd place

Seth Kuhlmann - 2nd place

Jeremy Butler - 2nd place

Cory Schwoebel - 2nd place

Everybody did a good job and we are proud of you all for your hard work - Ryan Beauchamp, Jason Beauchamp, Daniel Williams, Sean Maddux, Mat Maddux, Jamal, Emanuel, and Paul Karsky.

May 1, 2010 The Gladiator Challenge blew the doors off the Red Hawk Casino in Placerville, CA. with 20 explosive fights. The huge crowd was on their feet the whole night watching the bloody mayhem put on by Tedd Williams and match maker Cal Worsham. Rick Vardell retained his Super Heavyweight title, while Josh Thornburg earned his first lightweight title. Other winners were "Bad" Brad Mc Donald, Josh Appelt, Victor Moreno, David Marshall, Josh Neal, Andre Fili, Andy Campoy, Rafeal Urena, and Chris Wood. There was a memorial for Tom Fanshier, father of famed fighter James "The Educator" Fanshier. The UGA fight team prepares it's next 4 fighters for the June 27th Gladiator event at the Soboba casino. Chloe' Johnson will make her second run at MMA success, Bobby Trivitt will attempt to avenge his loss, while both Heath Cassol and Kjell Cordero make their fight debut in the heavyweight division.

Sunday April 25, 2010 The Universal Grappling Academy Fight team had hoped to go 5-0 at this Gladiator Challenge event "Maximum Force", but on this day as the Gods of War gave them perfect weather, they gave very little else. First, 2 of the 5 team members Chris Givens and Keno Saunders were dropped from the card, second The pride of the UGA's female division Chloe' Johnson was too overwhelmed by bright lights, noise, 4,000 screaming fans, etc. and was choked out in the first round. Great job for getting out there and giving it a good shot Chloe'. Third our U.S. Army representative Bobby Trivitt fought a vailant 3 rounds against a very tough Marine but ended up losing the bout. The 5'7 169lb Tyson Johnson was the only team member to win his bout against his 6'2 205lb opponent in 1:07 of the first round by TKO. The 2 fighter first began the feeling out process and Tyson seemed to be timing his  shots until a groin kick came from Brendan which seemed to fire up "The IronMan" who then shot in for a double legged take down and and proceeded to punch his opponent until his nose exploded and he tapped out! On a different note: The new 2010 UGA Logo is now out and for sale on shirts now. You can find this new design at the UGA dojo or on the UGA website> check it out it is HoT!!!!

This is it! Just 2 weeks left - Get your Tickets from Tyson Today!

Buy your tickets this weekend - Final day is April 23rd

Contact Tyson if you need special arrangements!

Join "The IronMan"  Tyson Johnson as he Returns to the Cage on April 25, 2010

That's right people,  The Gladiator Challenge will once again present to you the most electrifying  Sports Entertainer at the famed Soboba Casino on April 25th. Come join Tyson and Chloe' as they make their long awaited return with the longest running  and most exciting MMA promotion in California. Tickets are on sale now, but are selling fast, Get yours TODAY!

What's Going on? "The Ironman" Tyson Johnson and wife Chloe' Johnson are going to fight on the same card. Also on the card will be 3 other UGA members who will do battle in the Gladiator Cage -  Bobby Trivitt, Chris Givens, and Keno Saunders. Come support and cheer for them all.

Who will host the show? As it was 6 years ago, Tyson Johnson was the First and Only person to ever announce and fight on the same card. on April 25th it'll happen again!

Where and when?  The show is at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California on April 25, 2010

How can I go and watch Tyson and 4 of his UGA teammates fight? Tickets can be purchased directly from Tyson and Chloe' Johnson by:

* Coming to the Universal Grappling Academy 15370 Cholame Rd. unit #6 Victorville CA. 92392

* Calling with your Credit Card information (760) 559-4823 (secured line)

* Mailing in your payment and ticket request to P.O. Box 264 Apple Valley, CA. 92307

* Emailing your ticket request and credit card info to (secured)

Wednesday April 7, 2010 The PlayBoy Fight Night Combat sports brand held it's 4th Fight Night to the Mansion show in down town San Diego, California. The event played host to entertain and market to the attendees of the N.I.G.A. convention (National Indian Gaming Association). It was an old time bank turned night club and it was standing room only as the 3 MMA and 3 KickBoxing bouts entertained the crowd. The show was wild as "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson hosted along with DJ D-Wreck, DJ Tuesday, and DJ Wednesday. The PlayBoy Playmate Dancers were on hand for their show and as usual there was a ring girl competition of  epic proportion. Another sold out show and next week it's on to North Dakota where a 2500 seat venue has been sold out weeks in advance. It's less than 3 weeks now before Tyson and Chloe' Johnson fight on the same card, Bobby Trivitt, Chris Givens, and Keno Saunders get ready for battle as well at the Soboba Casino.

March 27, 2010 The Feather Falls Casino, Oroville CA.  raised the stakes as they played host to the PlayBoy Fight Night promotion. There was a nice mixture of combat action as the fans saw 2 KickBoxing, 2 Boxing, and then 5 MMA bouts. This show is growing and more exciting events are on the way with future sites in San Diego, North Dakota, and Canada.

The Universal Grappling Academy is proud to announce it's 2 new sponsors and network partners 1. AIMS INSURANCE located in Victorville (760) 955-1815 and Hesperia (760) 956-2166. 2. Fused Lounge & Grill located in Hesperia (11352 Hesperia Rd. Suite B. Hesperia CA. 92345).

March 20, 2010 It was standing room only at the Elko Indian Colony Gymnasium as the Gladiator Challenge put on 19 amateur mma fights. Mixed Martial Arts superstar and owner of the Lion's Den, Ken Shamrock, was a special guest and had 9 fighters do battle in the cage that ended with an 8-1 record for the evening.

March 6, 2010 The Gladiator Challenge held another packed show at the Red Hawk Casino in Placerville, CA. There were 19 fights with only a few going to decision. The 3 main events consisted of Hunter Worsham returning on leave from the U.S. Army to win another Super Fight Title against Phil Brown, Mike Gonzalez beat David Hornyak for the Native American Light Heavyweight Title, then Angel De Anda won a tough fight against Ivan Pack to retain his Gladiator Heavyweight Title. The Gladiator Challenge returns to the Red Hawk Casino on May 1st.

March 5, 2010 Tonight Undisputed Promotions and ESMG World Incorporated put on the first of the traveling MMA fight promotion shows "Fight Night to the Mansion". "The Ironman" Tyson Johnson hosted the event. The atmosphere was a rocking hot nightclub scene right out of Hugh Hefners party book. There were beautiful Playboy Playmates and an incredible local Ring Girl competition that drove the crowd wild. The show sold out the Visalia Convention Center and held 9 Pro/Am fights that kept the excitement alive. The main event saw former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Doug "The Rhino" Marshall defeat a tough BJ "Da Beast" Lacy by way of Rear naked choke in the 3rd round. It was an awesome and exciting show that seemed to have fight fans begging for more. The next Playboy Fight Night will be held on March 27th in Oroville, CA.

February 14, 2010 UGA stand-out member 8 year old Ryan "The Strangler" Spangler takes the USA Wrestling world by storm as he goes 6-0 in the 55lb class in todays tournament taking the First place Gold back to the UGA. Ryan also took 2nd place in the upper 60lb class. In other news fighter/match maker Richard Goodman fired back at Tyson Johnson during his Cage interview. Says he'll only face Tyson in the cage for $20,000 or more! What a coward, no promoter anywhere would ever pay that amount and thats what he is obviously counting on. Richard has never and never will be worth that amount of money! He hopes that Tyson will call him and things can be worked out in a non physical manner. As a funny gesture, Richard acknowledges that Tyson is very tough, and excellent wrestler and looks like a physical specimen, but says that if they fought he would at least give The IronMan a run for his money. Good luck with that! We are sure Tyson would hurt him and probably take him out of fighting forever! We'll see what happens next.

February 10, 2010 For those of you who watch Tosh.O on Comedy Central, tonights episode featured my amazing 35 jump rope push ups! Take that Tosh! Go check it out at  

January 29, 2010 "The Ironman" Tyson Johnson and the PlayBoy Fight Night MMA promotion have reached an agreement for at least 3 shows happening this year. The first show will be on March 5th in Visaila, CA. The main event will feature the former WEC Light heavyweight Champion Doug "The Rhino" Marshall. The PBFN promotion is ran by PFC owner/promoter Christian Printup

January 23, 2010 The first show for "The Ironman" Tyson Johnson was held at the Elko Indian Gymnasium in Elko, Nevada. It was an amateur Gladiator Challenge show that saw 9 exciting bouts where a decision was nowhere in site. Daryl Terry won the GC amayeur Lightweight title and Jimmy Centers took home the GC Lightheavyweight title. Other winners were Dan Aspa, Juan lopez, Kyle Dimmer, Warren Conely, John Baker, Tyler Bowen, and Cameron Hopper. Negotiations with the PlayBoy Fight Night Promotion continue with Johnson's friend and former PFC owner/promoter Christian Printup.

December 12, 2009 Today the Universal Grappling Academy team sent 2 members to the Grapplers Quest tournament in Las Vegas. Ryan Spangler, our 8year old super competitor who is fresh off his Gene LeBell tournament championship took 2nd place in the advanced division. Mia Camara the wonder woman finished with a 3rd place award for this tournament. This was the lowest placing Mia has ever taken at a tournament and vows that it won't happen again. Later that night in Placerville CA. Tyson hosted a Gladiator Challenge show that held 20 MMA fights in the cold and rainy weather. Despite the low temperatures, the event area was packed with over 2200 screaming fans and a ton of media. It was a good end for the GC 2009 year. Some winners of the event were - Angel De Anda who is the new GC Heavyweight Champion after defeating Drew MontgomeryDaniel Romero who is the new GC Native American Lightweight Champion after defeating Poppies MartinezJaime Jara was supposed to fight a rematch against Rafael Del Real, but within 10 seconds of the opening bell, Del Real claimed to have sprained and ankle and the bout was stopped! Other winners were WarPath, Shawn Smith, Ivan Pack, John Cardoza, Harry Gopaul, Rich blake, Robert Ballard, Victor Moreno, and Larry Wasson.

December 5, 2009 A Universal Grappling Academy team of only 6 competitors went to the "Judo" Gene Lebell submission tournament at Ontario High School in California. 5 kids and 1 adult went to war in multiple divisions and came out with a 2nd place Team tournament trophy! CONGRATULATIONS to our 6 teammates who went to war for us! Ryan Spangler 1st, Cotton Nissen 2nd, JesusLuis Vino Flores 2nd, Dylan Wood 3rd x2, Christian Hernandez 3rd, and Cory Schwoebel 2nd place. We are proud of them all for their hard work and dedication, especially since all but Ryan were competing in their first tournament.

November 21, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge returned to Elko, Nevada and once again rocked the small mining town with 13 non stop action packed fights. There was not one decision victory, but all fights were ended by Tap-out or Knock-out! In the main event Jack Montgomery defeated Gabriel Miranda. Other winners were Miguel Gomez, Jimmy Centers, Kyle Dimmitt, Daryl Terry, Justin Staley, Chris and Jon Crowder, Colby Porter, Juan Lopez, Mike Stewart, and Trevor Carlson. At UFC 106 we saw Forrest Griffin win a decision victory over Tito Ortiz and Josh Koschek choked out Anthony Johnson.

November 8, 2009 It was a cool Fall night as the Gladiator Challenge returned to the Soboba Casino after a couple year lay-off. There were 20 fights that had over 3000+ MMA fans going wild. The Universal Grappling Academy team dominated with  4 out of 5 wins for the night. Team Captain "The Ironman" Tyson Johnson once again made history as he started the night out in his tuxedo and hosting the fights to announcing his own fight, and then back again after defeating his opponent in just 47 seconds of the first round by TKO. Daryl Smith had a good fight that ended after 1:15 of the 2nd round by Tko, Bobby Trivitt found his first MMA win after just 1:01 of the first round by way of verbal tap-out, while the surprise of the night Tim Lindsay showed incredible heart and a strong will too win by defeating his opponent by split decision. Danny Gutierrez was the only team member that fell short after taking a hard shot too the groin and then the head in the first round of his fight. Also on the card "Ko Kid" Keith Berry walked right through his opponent as did Fernando Gonzalez in the final bout of the night. Richard Schiller the GC Featherweight champion had a successful title defense against a tough Eric Machado. Other winners of the night were - Miguel Ruvacaba, Travis Browne, Robbie Peralta, Jewon Peoples, Alan Roach, Jose Acuna, Richie Thompson, Xavier stokes, and Walel Watson. Last but not least was GC promoters eldest son Teddy Williams making his fight debut and winning by TKO after 1:15 in the second round. A special thanks to all of the UGA members, supporters friends, and family members who supported us through our training and fights.

November 5, 2009 It was a Thursday night, just 3 days before "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson makes his return to the cage at Soboba Casino. The Win-River Casino played host too its first ever Gladiator Challenge event. They had a speedy time limit and possibly needed more publicity for the mountain town, but the 600 fans that showed up went crazy for the action packed card of 11 bouts that saw the outstanding Featherweight "Relentless" Ryan Bastianelli defeat Tom Dunham, Zak Bucia beat Sean Neely, and Nik Theotikos with a win over Chris Jones. other winners were Adam Albright, Stefan Solomon, Milton Wallace, Josh Mc Donald, John O'Donnell, Tom Peterson, Jerel Clark, and Wes Swofford. Outstanding match-ups by GC matchmaker Tracy Farrington. The world famous referee Mr. Cecil peoples controlled the action inside the cage. 

October 24, 2009 It was a cold night in Wendover, UT/NV on the same night as UFC Machida vs Shogun and still Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge event was sold out too a standing room only crowd! 11 fights kept the night air heated up as Jake Paul defended his 170lb title against Cole Rose. The ladies came to do battle in one of the best fights of the night which saw Nora Lopez win a gift decision over Cathryn Myers. The super heavyweights did battle as 340lb Lupe Lara defeated 290lb Coby Freeman, also 300lb Jose Rodriguez defeated 275lb Billy Freeman. Other winners of the night were - Ryan Calhoon, Tony Gonzalez, Justin Staley, Kiwi Rodriguez, Eric Hernandez, and Kyle Keele. There is only 2 weeks to go for Tyson's return to the cage. If you haven't gotten your tickets, this is the week to do so.

October 8th and 10th - 2 shows made big news this week as "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson played host to the very first Tachi Palace Fights "Most Wanted" in Lemoore, California. The former home of WEC and PFC held the newly named event in the out side arena. The CSAC over-saw the Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge promotion as they ran 9 fights to break in the brand new promotion. Tonights winners were Francisco loredo, Michael McDonald, Michelle Ould, Leopoldo Serao, Ulysses Gomez, Poppies Martinez, Joe Soto, David Mitchell, and Chad Mendes. Then it was off too The Shingle Springs Rancheria where the Band of Miwok Indians held its first Gladiator Challenge event, the packed crowd saw 13 fights that really put some heat on during the cool night. Winners from that event were: James Fanshier, WarPath, Victor Villarreal, Max Griffin, Ivan Pack, Brad McDonald, Gary Efhan, Marty Haelly, David Marshall, Mark Mathews, and Dan Quinn. The news that Tyson will re-enter the cage as a competitor on November 8th has been big news and many are looking forward to his return. We have less than a month to go.

September 26, 2009 The Universal Grappling Academy is very proud of 3 incredible members who competed today. Ryan "The Strangler" Spangler (8yrs old) won 2 N.A.G.A. (Las Vegas) classes! Ryan destroyed the competition in the Intermediate and the Advanced divisions, taking home 2 N.A.G.A. swords! Then "Mama" Mia Camara (while still battling breast cancer) finally took home her first Gold Medal placing as she won her first place sword by out-classing the N.A.G.A. competition. Balentin Camargo stayed closer too home and took 3rd place at the local "Judo" Gene Lebell tournament.

September 25, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge returned too its roots at the Colusa Casino with a packed house again tonight. "The Ironman couple" as they're being called, Tyson and Chloe' Johnson hosted the show of 13 fights. The event started off sad as we gave tribute too our friend / fighter Ross "The Grizzly" Clifton whom Tyson announced his very first and very last fight for. The show "Blood Brothers" was dedicated too his memory. The fights brought the mood back up as we saw Jeff Morris defended his Middleweight Title against Rafael Del Real. Drew Montgomery won the vacant Heavyweight championship. Other winners were Sammy Saunders, Alex Gonzales, Todd LeClerc, Miguel Chavez, Eric Kagen, Robert Ballard, Kyle Dundas, Ben Sattler, Steve Morgan, and Larry Wasson. All 3 Suarez brothers fought and lost, but they were great sportsman and very good for the sport.

September 19, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge "Gods and Gladiators" brought in a good size crowd to the Tulare County Faire Grounds this hot evening with 8 exciting MMA fights. There wereplenty of fans too watch the nights victors: Josue Tirado, Alejandro Bautista, Chris Tangonan, Mike Martinez, Doug Hunt, Francisco Leredo, Jeremy Lauchan, and Hector Aletora. Promoter, Tedd Williams continues too rule the California State MMA circuit as the Gladiator Challenge promotion will be putting on the new series of Tachi Palace Fights (former home of the PFC and WEC events). "The Ironman" Tyson Johnson is slated too host the 2 final 2009 shows at the Tachi Palace this year but there may be a possible change at the beginning of 2010. The first of the Tachi palace fights will be October 8th. Tyson is currently preparing for his return too the cage November 8, 2009 at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA. that camp is being led by his hard-charging wife Chloe' and his UGA teammates in Victorville, CA.

September 12, 2009 "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson and his wife Chloe' hosted 6 exciting fights and was a special guest for "Fight Night at the Playboy Mansion"! Cage combat and ESMG Promotions put on 3 Kickboxing and 3 Boxing matches that thrilled the upper class crowd who partied and enjoyed the food and fun provided by the PB Bunny's and staff. The nights winners were Sergey Koselov (boxing), Vishnu Gulati (kickboxing), Dave Neilson (kickboxing), Donnie Orr (boxing), Jenna Castillo (kickboxing), and Eloy Perez.

Sept. 4, 2009 Being in the MMA business for over 15 years has afforded me the pleasure of meeting and at times becoming friends with some of the coolest people in the business. Some people may become just associates and others I get a bit closer too, but I respect and admire them all.  As time goes by and we all age, the reality of life says that in many different ways, people die. Tonight is one of those times as our friend and novelty fighter Ross "The Grizzly" Clifton died of a heart attack. Love him, Like him, or Hate him, he was a part of our MMA world and now he is gone to the big cage in the sky. I still remember his very first fight in Colusa when nobody would even talk to him he came to me for advice and I was the only one too give it to him. We had been buds from that point on. Nobody sat ring side and screamed out louder such weird quotes as "I love you Tyson" and "Tyson I want to have your baby" as this 6'6 400lb giant of a teddy bear. He blew me kisses and even flashed me unsightly body parts.. At times it was a bit scary as he'd hug me sooo tight I never thought I would come out alive. Strange at times, funny all the time, Ross was a good guy and will be missed by many. May God bless him and his family.   

August 29, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge (Retaliate) returned to the Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino where Jake Paul was asked to have a rematch with his last challenger Lee Doss who claimed that the referee from their previous fight was a friend of Paul and therefore the fight was unfair! Well, there was no question about the outcome this time as Jake knocked out Lee in only 7 seconds of the first round. A confident Jack Motgomery was surprised to be limping out of the cage after tapping out too a toe hold put on by Lucas Montoya. Koffi Adzitso also tasted his first lost as the referee stopped the bout too soon against Mike Arrant. Other winners were Kevin Hamby, Vadeem Komarov, Edward Rivera, Nick Pendleton, Chris Howlett, Angel Corona, and Kiwi Rodriguez.

August 22, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge show "Nemesis" at the Konacti Vista Casino in Lakeport, CA was the first show to feature MMA's hottest newlyweds and was suppossed to be headlined by 'UFC Hall of Famer" Dan "The Beast" Severn as her challenged GC heavyweight Champion Dave "BadMan" Huckaba. However sources say that apparently the "Badman" wasn't so bad, but more like affraid as he pulled out of the fight and took his 3 teammates who also were scheduled on the card and ran for the hills saying "They're trying to get me beat up". Dan severn apologized to the crowd, Dave Huckaba obviously has been stripped of his title, and the card went on to headline with the past winner of the Tyson Johnson's Fighter of the Year award: Jaime Jara who disposed of his opponent Rafeal Del Real early in the first round by submission. other winners were Jayson Jaynes, Eric Machado, Bill Murphy, Jai Rodriguez, and Nate Ducharme. Making his fight debut was Eli Suarez who's fight ended up in a draw.

August 15, 2009 The Wedding of Tyson and Chloe' happened today at 1:30pm at the Historic Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. The special weekend started with the newlyweds staying at THEhotel which is the all Suite hotel operated by the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. They enjoyed the award winning show "KA" that plays inside the MGM Grand on Friday night. At 1pm Saturday a Limosine pulled up to take the incredibly beautiful Ms. Chloe' and her soon to be groom to the star attracted chapel where they were happily joined in holy matrimony. The woman now known to all as Mrs. Chloe' Johnson looked like a stunning Princess that could be compared by no other and turned heads every where she went. Congratulations to Tyson and Chloe' and a very special thanks to all their friends and family who have supported this very happy couple. A Reception party is being planned for the near future where all friends, family, and MMA associates will be invited to celebrate the union of MMA's newest and most exciting couple.

July 31, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge made its Triumphant return too its birth location, The Colusa Casino. 10 years ago The GC was the original Northern California MMA promotion that brought you such future stars as Urijah Faber, Cal Worsham, Sean Sherk, Rashad Evans, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Jaime Jara, and James Fanshier. Many more have competed her at this historic location and the GC has been absent from here for a few years now. But tonight the excited crowd saw 13 action packed fights brought to you by match maker Cal Worsham. Former multi time champion, Jaime Jara who should have been the main event Knocked out his opponent in 42 seconds. Jeff Morris won the GC middleweight title beating Steve Eldridge, Rick Vardell stopped the 380lb Griz (Ross Clifton) by tko to win the GC Super Heavyweight title. New comer Alex Zuniga defeated veteran Larry Mays, and David Suarez had a great win by defeating a tough Javier Vargas. Other winners were Scott Luna, Brandon Pratt, Tramain Smith, Jayson Jaynes, Robert Ballard, Nicholas Christy, and Nate Pillsbury. There were some excellent submissions and at least 3 incredible knock-outs too please the crowd.

July 23, 2009 Today Tyson and the beautiful Miss Chloe' traveled to Temecula, CA. as they hosted the Gladiator Challenge fights at the Casino Pauma. There were 19 action packed fights that saw a everything you could see in MMA from well earned Tap-outs to 2 14 second Knock-outs! Though she already works hard at 2 jobs and trains in MMA daily, Chloe' ended up being put to work as the official score keeper by "The world famous referee" Mr. Cecil Peoples. We had a good time as UFC Hall of Fame Referee "Big" John Mc Carthy was a guest judge. We all had good conversations and photo sessions. The fights saw GC Lt. Heavyweight Champion Fernando Gonzalez easily defend his title against Jeff Avants, Landon Piercy won a very tough battle against Robbie Peralta too become the new GC Featherweight Champion. Other winners of the night were Andy Wang, Nikoli Boruff, Mike Cardosa, Joe Calvitta, Joe Henle, William Fisher, Travis Browne, Hugo Sandoval, and Alex Soto.

July 18, 2009 Cage Combat held another incredible 10 bout fight card at the Kezar Pavillion in San Francisco, CA. this Saturday night. We saw the crowning of a new HeavyWeight Champion as John Devine defeated the long time champion Buddy Roberts in the co-main event. The in the Welterweight Championship was on the line as Ky Hollenbeck put up an outstanding 3 round war against the retaining champ Jerimiah Metcalf. other winners for the night were Jamie Seaton from the women's division who had a good battle with Emily Thompson, Matt Sanchez, Davin clark, Evan Esguerra, Zak Bucia, Justin Hogland, and Mike Manaquil. There were many great fights on this card and the enthusiastic crowd showed their appreciation for the premier MMA show in Northern California. Check out more action at

July 11, 2009 Grappler Quest was held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and it saw 4 proud UGA members do battle. Ryan Spangler took 1st place in his division while Mia Camara took 2nd place. The Road warriors aka Nate and Justin Vargas who took 1st place in an X tournament just a couple weeks ago both ended up with 3rd place awards at Grapplers Quest. We are proud of them all.

June 26, 2009 It was the Gladiator Challenge at the Placer County fair grounds that put on one of the best shows of the year. There were some of the best matched fights I have seen in a very long time. Great job too Tedd Williams, Cal Worsham, and Frank Fernandez for putting on such a great card that saw Dave Huckaba win back the GC Heavyweight title from Rick Randolph, Mike Cook tap out War Path, Cedric Schwyzer defeat Chris Sheridan. other winners were - Joe Baros, Jonny Goh, sean Shakour, heath LeMasters, Billy Carothers, and Josh Appelt.
 On June 27, 2009 it was a special day as "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson and his long time best friend and supporter Chloe' Replogle got engaged on the River-Boat "Delta King" in old town Sacramento during a special Mystery dinner event. A romantic horse and carriage ride too the state capital followed the engagement dinner party.

June 20, 2009 The Universal Grappling Academy team did battle at the "Judo" Gene LeBell Submission Tournament at ASU in San Bernardino, CA. We had 14 competitors against some of the other teams that ran 35+ deep. When it all came too a finish, and some exciting battles had been fought, the UGA finished with the 2nd place trophy! Marky Samano and Jeff Jones both took 1st place in 2 different divisions, Brenyn Nickell, Nate & Justin Vargas all took 1st in their divisions, Ryan Spangler won a 2nd and two 3rd place awards, Joseph Love took 2nd place Luke Fornwald took 2nd place while Alfred Velasquez and Balentin Camargo won 3rd places along with Cody Toller and Moe Camara from the kids class. Mia and Omar Camara put up some great battles but just missed the medal rounds....Great job Team UGA!

June 13, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge struck gold at the Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino as the actual show was on the Utah side while many consessions were on the Nevada side of the border. 10 good fights that saw Jake "The Snake" Paul win the GC Welterweight Championship. Earlier that day UGA member Balentin Camargo won the Grappling X 205 championship in San Bernardino, California. Jeff Jones took 3rd place in the tournament.

June 7, 2009 It was the first show for Fight Circuit MMA (Victorious)  and it was held in the High Desert city of Adelanto, California. 9 fights entertained the crowd and saw Gabe Ruediger with another impressive win in the main event. This was a small show that made a good first impression and we hope can grow in to another great MMA promotion. This show was hosted by "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson, and refereed by Herb Dean and Larry Landlis. The Legendary "Judo" Gene LeBell worked with the CSAC as a celebrity judge.

May 31, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge returned too the Konacti Vista Resort and Marina with "Put up or Shut up". This event finished off the month with 20 exciting fights that saw 2 X-Arm competitors put their abilities too the test in the cage. First up was Ivan Goatoali who won his tough bout by KO over Angel De Ande. Then later in the co-main event was Rick Vardell as he won a battle against Gary La Frankie. One of the smallest competitors with a Big win was Martin "Tarzan" Sandoval, he is an exciting up and coming fighter. Other winners were Stu Snyder, Josh Appett, Jayson Jaynes, Zak Bucia, Sean Shakour, Cole Reedy, Mike Christianson, Randy Rodoni and Tony Reveles. 

May 16, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge returned to Elko, Nevada and put on another good show. This time they brought MMA legend Dan "The Beast" Severn and he took on San Bernardino local Stephen Eakins from ASU. Dan won a 3 round decision. Willis Ferguson defeated Jarrett Kelton in the co-main event, other winners were Jack Montgomery, Dustin Maguine, Nasty Facundo, Carlos Sanchez, Vanessa Watson, Ryan Kyllonen, Jared Hess, Spencer Roberts, John Crowder, and Koffi Adzitso. It was a good crowd and a good build up for the June 13th show in Wendover, Nevada. Another great job by Tedd Williams and his A-Team.

May 9, 2009 Congratulations to Universal Grappling Academy members Ryan Spangler who took 1st and 2nd place in 2 divisions while Mia Camara for taking a 2nd place medal at Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas. This was Mia's second tournament and we look forward to working towards her first tournament championship.

May 8, 2009 The Tachi Palace held it's first seasonal PFC-13 event with a packed card of who's who in MMA. This card showed that anything can happen to any one at any time as we saw Kyle Pimentel dismantle Olaf Alfonso with ease to win the PFC Welterweight title. The return of Cole Escovedo after a long medical leave as he defeated a young up and commer Michael McDonald. The former 252 pounder Bryan Travers won a good decision against John Gunderson at 154lbs! In the nights upset Casey Olson who was favored to win was caught by Eddie Yagin and suffered his 3rd MMA loss. Other winners were John Reedy, Gabe Ruediger, Erin Toughhill, Pat Runez, and Carlo prater who won the PFC LightWeight Championship. The main event saw Doug "The Rhino" Marshall win a decision over Jaime "El cucui" Jara after 3 rounds. It was a good card with good fights and as always a good crowd. The only thing missing was Promoter Christian Printup who is in Costa Rica on medical leave.

April 23, 2009 Casino Pauma played host to another Gladiator Challenge event. It was a packed crowd that came out on the Thursday night show to see the 21 fight card that saw Fernando Gonzales win the GC Light Heavyweight Championship by defeating Larry Mays. The final bout of long time fighter Art Santore came with a submission victory over Mike Arrellano. Local favorite Virgil Zwiker defeated Buckley Acosta in the first round. Nick Reale put on another good fight against Beau King and was victoriuos. It was a big card, ran at a fast pace that had some good fights.

April 18, 2009 It was a good day for the Universal Grappling Academy competition team as they invaded the Grappling X tournament in San Bernardino, CA. Almost 40 team members and supporters showed up to the event and spent the day competing against some good competition from all over California. Everybody did a great job and we are proud of them all, but some key players were Isaiah (8yrs old) who competed in his first tournament and in 2 divisions taking 1st place and 3rd place with only 1 loss the entire day. Taylor (16 yrs old) also in his first tournament took 1st in the teen division and then stepped up to compete with the adults to gain more experience., Jeff (CornBread) Jones dominated the heavyweight division as he plowed through 5 competitors with no problem...obviously taking home the Gold!, Justin and Nate Vargas dominated the kids division and had to face eachother in the finals. Justin finished with the Gold and Nate a proud Silver., Mia went from being a Breast cancer patient to losing almost 30lbs at the UGA, and now she entered her first tournamnet and finished with a well deserved Silver Medal. Others who placed at the Grappling X tournament were: Ruben(2nd), Saul(2nd), Doug(3rd), Joey(2nd), Omar, Ryan(2nd & 3rd), Marky(1st), and Mohamed(3rd)... We have to mention the good efforts from Oleg, Balentin, Nelson, Christian, and all the others who made our team proud.  The after party was held at the house of Isaiah the new tournament champ, the UGA team had a great time at the bar b que and watching the UFC fights.

April 2, 2009 It was a packed house at club Twist in Fresno California this Thursday night as CA. Fighter Magazine held its first Release party. The club was so packed you literally couldn't move. Brandon Eachus and Kasey Kahl put on a great show and had many great MMA personalities on hand from Fighters to the beautiful Ring Girls. On hand were featured personalities from the magazine - Casey "The Underdog" Olson who graced the cover of this fantastic first issue, Then on pages 35, 36, & 37 you can see "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson, after that it's the beautiful Krista who is one of the famous PFC-Ladies! They all signed autographs and took many photos with the excited fans and friends in the business. Great times with Great people..Check out CaliforniaFighter.TV

Tyson Johnson NEWS-LETTER

Welcome to the news room where we'll try to keep you updated on whats happening with Tyson, The U.G.A., as well as our friends in the Mixed Martial Arts World.  SCROLL DOWN to get the updates and follow along with the action.

  • March 14, 2009 Promoter Tedd Williams sure has the ability to put on shows in the strangest and most out of the ways places. But he also has the ability to make those shows completely successful, as he did in the very small town of Elko, Nevada. An actual 1/3 of the entire population came out and packed the gymnasium to see 8 Gladiator Challenge fights. Hosted by Tyson Johnson and refereed by Herb Dean, this show made local headlines in the middle of nowhere U.S.A. . Some of the nights winners were Brad Johnson, Miguel Espithin, Sal Espithia, Kurtis Giordano, Tom Smith, Matt May, Willis Ferguson, and Lee Doss. In Las vegas, Nevada the N.A.G.A. Grappling Tournament was being held and it saw the Universal Grappling Academy team members go to war once again. The 7 year old stand-out Marky Samano smashed the intermediate division bringing home his 2nd straight NAGA Championship. He then entered the Advanced division and still came out with a second place medal. Alex (Carebear) Gray entered his first competition under the UGA banner and came out with a NAGA tournament Championship. Justin and Nate Vargas came out with 2nd and 3rd place medals. We are very proud of all our UGA competitors. 
  • March 7, 2009 10 Universal Grappling Academy students went and did battle at the 1st "Judo" Gene Lebell Grappling Tournament held at American Sports University in San Bernardino, CA. We are all very proud of all of them for demonstrating their hard work and skills on the mat. In the Kids program - Nate and Justin Vargas both took 1st place, Ryan Spangler took a 1st and 3rd in two divisions, Marky Samano took 2nd and 3rd in 2 divisions, the Donato brothers did very well with Baz taking a 2nd place and Kyle taking a 3rd place medal. In the Adult program - Both Oleg Tsabur, and Jeff Jones had dominating performances and took home 1st place medals, while Balentin Camargo brought home a 2nd place award. 
  • March 7, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge "Point Blank" fought off some tough odds this weekend when they sold out the Placer County Fair Grounds and had a great show despite another show being held the night before and the UFC event that very night. 10 fights excited the crowd and a new Heavyweight Champion was crowned in the name of Rick Randolph. Robert Garcia started the night off with a win along with Joe baros, Nick Reale, Chris Sutherland, Javier Vargas, Wesley Swfford, Derrick Burnsed, mike Bravo, and Larry Mays who at 195lbs defeated Chris Wood at 265lbs. 
  • February 21, 09 The Cage Combat show held in Santa Rosa CA. called "The Battle for Nor-Cal" was a clear Win for the exploding MMA Promotion. This show that was held on the same night as the uninteresting UFC 95 was at first questioned by many as to  whether or not it was a smart choice of dates. Those questions were answered as an outstanding production and fight card played host to a huge crowd of exciting MMA fans. There were 10 bouts that saw non stop action as every athlete was there to fight! The Main event saw CC Middleweight Champ David Mitchell defend his belt against Josh Neal with a 28 second armbar. In the co-main event Ky Hollenbeck and Pat Minihan put on a brutal and fast passed battle until Ky finished the fight with a rear naked choke after opening a huge gash on Pat's head. Other winners of the night were: Eric Castile, Andy Miranda, Daniel Mitchel, Jacob Hardgrove, Chris Quitiquit, Katrina Alendal, Marcello Cassero, and Taylor Mc Corstin who defeated Adam Antolin who had the only bout that went the distance. Some outside MMA promotion fighters that enjoyed the Cage Combat show were: David Terrell, Cain Velasquez, Jon Fitch, Jason Von Flue, Josh Thompson, Gilbert Melendez, nate Loughran, and the Diaz brothers.   
  • February 13, 09 It was the first co-promotion between Ken Shamrock Productions and WarGods at the Selland Arena in Fresno, CA. It was the Valentines Eve Massacre where we saw 8 of the possible 13 fights which included the main event of the evening... A return to the cage by MMA Legend Ken Shamrock who weighed in at 220lbs and battled the 6'5 380lb Ross "Grizzley" Clifton. In 1 minute Shamrock had the Griz down and finished him with an armbar. His post interview had some challenging words for a possible future opponent Tank Abbott. This bout followed a great rematch between Mike "El Palo Duro" Moreno (a HUGE fan favorite) and Gary Padilla. It was a good 3 round fight that saw Moreno avenge his past loss to Padilla with a Unanimous Decision win. What seems to be leading up to a dream match of the legends, former UFC tough-guy Tank Abbott made quick work out of Mike Bourke in with a 26 second KO. As with Ken, Tank had nothing good to say about Shamrock, we look forward to this possible match-up. The fight of the night was Isaac De jesus vs Ashe Bowman, this bout was 3 rounds of hard hitting action. De Jesus won by Unanimous Dec. Also on the card was the debut fight of "The Warrior Princess" Zoila Frausto who won a razor thin split decision over the very game Karina Hallinan. Though Frausto was the crowd favorite, some fans expressed their disapproval of the decision. Fans booed at Rafael Del Real as he spent 3 rounds running from Josh Haynes who won and easy decision. Ron kessler won a split dec. against Darrin Freeman & Rick Reeves tapped out Nate James. It was unfortunate that we missed a possibly great fight when former UFC fighter Wesley "Cabbage" Correira who was set to fight the Cage Combat Champion Buddy Roberts pulled out of the bout just 5 minutes before their match-up. 3/9/09 an unfortunate report has come out that Wargods Promotions has bounced many of the checks written this night and now potential lawsuits and sanctions are pending! Situations like this are never good for our growing sport! WarGods is being Removed from "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson's roster and his services will no longer be available to them.       
  • February 6, 09 It was a long night at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino as ShowTime Boxing and the PFC put on an incredible night of mixed action. We saw 10 Boxing bouts and 7 Mixed Martial Arts matches. During the weigh-in process Ring Announcer Tyson Johnson presented 2 boxing awards from the WBC to Christian Printup as promoter of the year and Repo-Rick as boxings friend of the year. In some of the key matches we saw Local fighter Poppies Martinez win a decision over Yonas Gebreegziabher, Manuel Quezada defended his WBC Caribbean title in a rematch with Eric Boose, female stand-out Carina Moreno defended her title against an in shape Sharon Gaines, and finally NABO/NABF Super middleweight Champion Andre Ward made easy work out of Henry Buchanan. In the MMA portion of the night Chad Mendes stopped Lions Den fighter Leland Gridley, team Buhawe's heavyweright fighter Brandon Cash smashed Steve Gavin in only 26 seconds. The American Gladiators star Erin "Steel" Toughill whoooped Karen Williams. Ulysses Gomez submitted David Suarez and Alexis Vila Ko'ed Ben Ngyuen. MMA superstars Josh Barnett and Urijah Faber enjoyed the show as did movie star Rob Schnieder.
  • February 4, 09 It was a chilly winter night, but Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge was Hot with action! Tonight saw 13 fights that were non-stop. Only 2 decisions and 2 new belt holders Gabe Ruediger and Robbie Peralta. Other winners were Paulo Gazze Jr., Nick Garcia, Mike Arellano, Joey Beltran, Chris Sullivan, Tyler Markell, Kenny McCorkell, Gonzalo aka Chino, and the famous William "The Bull" Sriyapai (who was celebrating his birthday this evening). 
  • January 31, 09 It was a great night for welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre fans as the second battle between 2 of the best fighters in the world today took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 94. It saw GSP with a complete domination over B.J. Penn (lightweight champion), who attempted to become the first fighter to hold 2 UFC titles at the same time... GSP stopped him in 4 rounds. 
  • January 25, 09 It was the Gladiator Challenge that rocked the house at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo. There was 6 fights that saw Nick Realle beat Brad Ball, Aaron Hayes beat Tyson Threadgill, Richard Schiller beat Chris Kirtley, Sean Loeffler easily beat Rubin Taigle. Cage Combat Champion "Kid Dynamite" David Espinosa is now the Gladiator Challenge champion after beating Jordon Sutton. Gokor student Karen Darabedyan won a decision over GC champ Saad Awad. The exciting part of this event was the star studded audience - "Judo" Gene Lebell, Gokor, Erik Paulson, Freddie George, UFC star Thiago Alves, Former WEC Champion Doug "The Rhino" Marshall, Herb Dean, Larry Landliss, and a few Gracies were enjoying the show. Good start to a New Year for Tedd Williams MMA promotion. 
  • January 22, 09 The PFC started off the New Year with a huge well matched card of 13 exciting bouts. Richard Goodman the PFC Match Maker put together one of the best fight cards that I have ever seen. Michael McDonald defeated Jason Georgianna, 2008 NCAA wrestling champion Phil Davis beat Josh Green, John Gunderson  beat Alexander Crispm, Evan Dunham ruined the undefeated record of Dustin Akbari. Strike Force fighter Billy Evangelista won a decision over Hawaiian competitor Harris Sarmiento, Cyrille Diabate was too much for Lodune Sincaid. Unexpectedly Olaf Alfonso tapped out Cage Combat Welterweight Champion Jerimiah Metcalf for the PFC Interim Welterweight title, Tito Jones out decisioned Justin Smitley. Brian Cobb was the only PFC champion to retain his title as he beat Lance Wipf. In the battle of the Heavyweights 2 champions from other organizations exchanged heavy blows but saw Lavar Johnson defeat Dave Huckaba. Featherweight champ Jorge Evangelista lost his title to Brazillian fighter Diego Saraiva, in the main event Jeff Bedard became the new PFC Bantamweight championship from Shawn Klarcyk.
  • January 19, 2009 It was a great surprise for all the members of the Universal Grappling Academy as Tyson's friend and UFC Super Star Quinton "Rampage" Jackson made a special visit. Rampage gave a great seminar for the kids which encouraged them to do well in school, train hard in our program, and make the right choices in life. Every child had the fun opportunity to grapple with the Light-Heavyweight King.The adults also go to enjoy time with Rampage as he took time to take photos and sign countless autographs. Tyson and the entire UGA team would like to thank Quinton for taking the time out of his busy schedule and for bringing  joy to our program....Thank you Quinton "Rampage" Jackson!!!
  • December 27. A very special thanks to all the friends and family members who shared in the fun and excitement of Tyson's Birthday party. We would like to congratulate our friend Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for his huge knock-out win over Wanderlei Silva. Congrats also goes out to Rashad Evans for winning the UFC Light Heavyweight title from Forrest Griffin
  • December 13. The final Gladiator Challenge show of 2008 was held at American Sports University in San Bernardino, California. They held 14 fights that were filled with action. GC Lightweight Champion Saad Awad defended his belt against new comer Johnny Williams, the best fight of the night came from the 125lb class as the 5ft tall Gonzollo Nikolas was a little fire cracker as he put a beat down on 5ft 10in Richard Rocha. Other winners of the night were Josh Kilpatrick, George Sanchez, Tony Dalton, Nick Reale, Kenny McCorkle, Daryl Montigue, Mike Paluzi, and Stephen Eakin. It was another good year for Tedd Williams and the Gladiator challenge crew. Great job guys and we look forward to seeing you in 2009. 
  • November 22. The Gladiator Challenge took over the town of Roseville and sold out the show at the Placer county Fairgrounds. It was 10 good fights with a great crowd  of MMA fans. Shauna Granade once again made our National Anthem sound so great with her voice. Dave Huckaba defended his GC Heavyweight title and avenged his loss to the tough Rick Cheek. Rick Randolph beat down Buckley Acosta, Mike Bravo smashed Kris Zabich, and local favorite A.J. Fonseca won a tough fight against Khomrit Niimi and dedicated his win to the Fallen K9 officer that worked with him, Jeremy Screeton beat Larry Mays.
  • November 20. It was the final PFC event of 2008 and Promoter Christian Printup held nothing back. It was a great card of 15 exciting fights! Phil "The Pain" Collins took another step closer to a title shot as he beat former PFC Middleweight Champion Kenny Ento, the former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Doug "The Rhino" Marshall beat  Rafael Del Real, Shawn Bias who was winning 2 rounds to none lost by submission in the 3rd round, and the only bout that was judged the wrong way was the decision loss the Jaime Jara suffered to Leopoldo Serao. This decision was by far  a huge mistake as Jara clearly controlled the entire fight and pummeled his opponent in the 3rd. Both Martinez brothers were on the card, Mickey lost to a tough Darren Crisp Jr. and Poppies made quick work of Tony Llamas. In the first female fight of the PFC Paulina Ramirez defeated Brittany Briano in 3 rounds. Later Erin Toughill beat Jan Finney. PFC Lightheavyweight Champion Jorge Oliviera defeated Isaiah Larson, Scott Macafee won against Jason Drake, Pat Runez defeated Luis Gonzales, and Dominique Robinson won a decision against Japanese fighter Takumi Nakayama. The night was topped off with the appearance of the beautiful "Warrior Princess" ZOILA who is still looking for her first Pro-MMA bout as her last opponent ran out with an injury accuse but will be fighting Kim Couture tomorrow night.
  • November 8. The WarGods  promotion held its 3rd event at the Selland Arena in Down Town Fresno. 8 action packed fights kept the crowd at the edge of their seats. Promoters - Jaime Iracheta and Marcello Rivas put together some tough matches for their Buhawe fight team members. Lavar "Big" Johnson is now the first WarGods Heavyweight Champion after a first round knock-out over Sean Souza from B.J. Penns Hilo Hawaii team. Buhawe stand out wrestler Marcus Levesseur took a tough loss to PFC and Gladiator Challenge Lightweight Champion Brian Cobb in the 2nd round. Dustin "The Rooster" Arden fought Roger Gracie student Joey Armstrong to a split decision win, and Brandon Cash "Money" won a unanimous decision over the tough Lliron Wilson. Other winners of the night were James Cook, Ben Holsher, Tommy Vargas, and John Reedy. What the fans didn't get to see was the future of womens MMA Zoila Frausto who had trained hard and was ready to do battle in the WarGods cage but her opponent backed out last minute. It wasn't a total loss as Zoila came to the event looking incredibly sexy and gave a great speech to her fans and sponsors from inside the cage. Another attraction was UFC superstar and special guest "El Matador" Roger Huerta who was very friendly and worked well with the crowd as he signed autographs and took pictures. Roger was very approachable for fans and we had a good time as we played Black Jack together at the after party held at Club One Casino.
  • Nov. 2 - After 7 years and 35 successful shows at the Eagle Mountain Casino, The Gladiator Challenge held its final event at this central California location. The Tule River Tribe plans to try their hand at running their own events. This last show had 21 fights that kept the packed house screaming in excitement. Tedd Williams, the owner and promoter of the Gladiator Challenge, stepped into the cage to thank the crowd and the casino for 7 years of support and a lot of great fights. Tonights winners were Joe Soto, Michael McDonald, Martin Sandoval, Jacob Jeff, Marc Delacruz, Bubba Diaz, and in the ladies event it was Antoinette Hunter who won the battle against Rhonda Williams. It was an exciting but sad day as the fights concluded and the Gladiator Challenge promotion wrapped up for its final time at the Eagle Mountain Casino.
  • November 1,  It was part 2 of this past summers  sold out show Cage Combat - Rumble in the Park. With a failing economy and rough weather the MMA fans still came out to enjoy 8 good fights. Welterweight Champ. Jeremiah Metcalf defended his belt against veteran Brian Warren, David Espinoza defeated Anthony Figueroa to win the C.C. Bantamweight Title, onother great win came from Casey Olson as he defeated Tony Boyles. Kyle Pimental put on an excellent show as he beat MMA veteran Jason Von Flue. It was another great Cage Combat show which saw the likes of Chuck Liddell and had a special guest announcement from the arrogant Tito Ortiz.
  • Oct. 25th It was the debut show at Casino Pauma for Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge and it drew a huge crowd to the facility. There were 14 fights and a special attraction for most as the popular Lions Gate movie production company was on hand to film segments of a cool new movie that featured MMA stars Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Hector Ramirez, and Erik Lawson. The fights featured Universal Grappling Academy student Jack Miles as he made his MMA debut at the age of 17 and won by TKO over his 20 year old opponent in the first round. Other winners of the night were Luis Iniguez, Robby Peralta, Virgil Zwicker, Steve Walston, and Georgie K. New GC title holders are now Welterweight James Wilks  and Lightweight Saad Awad.
  • Oct.23rd Christian Printup and Richard Goodman of the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino put on a boxing / MMA event that saw the debut of local fighter Poppies Martinez as he knocked out his opponent in his first pro boxing bout. Another local fighter WBC womens champion Carina Moreno destroyed her opponent for 9 rounds before the referee stepped in to save the day. The main event in the MMA portion of the show saw PFC Featherweight Champion Jorge Evangelista take a decision victory over a tough Randy Spence.
  • October 20, 2008 It has been reported that after less than 2 years in operation Pro-Elite is folding and will be closing their doors for good. First of all let us say what a shame it is for the athletes involved in fight contracts as they may possibly be out the money due to them. Bravo for UFC President, Dana White who has again out battled another group of combative promoters.  Now, all Pro-Elite and Elite-XC assets are up for auction and available for individuals or companies to purchase. Everything tangible including fighter contracts are available in the auction.   
  • October 10, 2008 It was a day of happiness and sadness as the Universal Grappling team celebrated at Alfredo's Mexican Restaurant in Victorville, CA. to send off long time friend and team mate Jesse Gomez as he leaves Monday to serve our great country in the U.S. Marine Corp. We wish him all the best and a safe return.
  • October 2008 - Another Universal Grappling Academy member Wins the NAGA Tournament - His name is Marky Samano who is just 7 years old and is now a North American Grappling Association Champion! Marky trains 4 days a week to achieve his goals and even stays after class with Coach Tyson Johnson and team mate Ryan Spangler to get the extra work in that it takes to be a winner. We are all proud of Marky and glad to be his team mate.
  • Oct 4 & 5, 2008 It was the birth of a new Extreme Sport created by Art Davie (creator of the UFC)  and Tedd Williams (Owner of the Gladiator Challenge) as  the IronMan Tyson Johnson hosted the first ever X-ARM Heavyweight Tournament. This incredible 2 day show was held at American Sports University in San Bernardino, CA. produced by RIPE DIGITAL T.V. and will air on-line ( and on Pay per View to start. It was great to see the awesome competitors who participated in the first time Extreme Arm-Wrestling Sport such as: Rick Cheek, Homer Moore, Rick Vardell, Steve Walston, Justin Del Mugnaio, Fredrick Steen, Bond Laupua, Ivan Gatolai, Andy Flennoy, and James Cordrey who set the fastest X-ARM knockout record at a stunning 4 seconds! With 3 One minute rounds of pure blood pumping action this hand to hand combat program is sure to make a Big Hit! When you think Extreme, you'll think X-ARM! 
  • Sept. 27, 2008 7 of the Universal Grappling Academy students grappled at the Grappling X Submission Tournament in San Bernardino, CA. It was a fun event that was great for everybody involved. The UGA had 5 kids who all won medals and 2 beginning adults who just missed out but did very well. we are thankful for the support of all the family members in attendance. We are proud of the hard work and efforts put in to their training and their courage to compete (some in multiple divisions). We'll give their Name, Age, and Placing(s) -  Ryan Spangler (6) 1st & 2nd, Marky Samano (7) 2nd & 3rd, Brenyn Nickell (15) 1st, Ryan Beauchamp (16) 3rd, Kyle Flores (12) 3rd, Gabe Berrera (adult) 4th, Oleg Tsabur (adult) 4th. We are proud to have all of them as part of our UGA family.
  • Sept. 26, 2008 The PFC at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino  held 16 incredible fights that drew a huge crowd to their out door stadium. 3 world titles were on the line and one of the best fights of the year took place for the PFC Welterweight  Championship  between Jeremiah Metcalf and Bryan Travers.  It was a 5 round war  that never quit and in my book they are both champions!  Travers edged out  the decision victory that could have gone either way. PFC Lightweight Champion Brian Cobb beat down David Gardner, and PFC Bantamweight Champion Shawn Klarcyk retained his title against Brandon Miller. Super promoter Christian Printup and his Mighty match-maker Richard Goodman keep adding to the great roster of the Palace Fighting Championships as they had Phil Baroni fight Olaf Alfonso in a special feature. Baroni squeeked out a decision victory. Other winners during the incredible night were Poppies Martinez, Dustin Akbari, Antonio Banuelos, David Suarez, Chris Botelho, and Lavar Johnson. It doesn't look like the roster is going to quit any time soon as the future holds another return of Doug Marshall and Gabe Ruediger is set to do battle at the Palace. In attendance at the PFC Urijah Faber, Chuck Liddell, and Mark Coleman.
  • Sept. 23, 2008 More opportunities are available for financially sound MMA / Entertainment Promotions to invest in "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson as your Emcee or Event Commentator. On Sept. 15th  Dr. Johnson had officially resigned from the King of the Cage banner which is now owned by the struggling Pro-Elite brand. Today an acceptance letter was returned by KOTC Pesident Terry Trebilcock Jr..... More on this matter in the future. Dr. Johnson's schedule has now been opened for more job opportunities!  
  • Sept. 13, 08 "Tall" Paul Karsky of the Universal Grappling Academy fought Sean "The Destroyer" Loefler at the TFA fights in Long Beach, California. The fight that was hyped up by the 2 month tracking of Paul by "The Destroyer" who even went to his last fight to get a birds eye view of Karsky's fighting tactics. After some trash talk, and then the opening bell, the fight only lasted 35 seconds as Paul trapped Sean's arm behind the back and went for a takedown which unfortunately broke Sean's arm. A TKO victory was declared in Pauls favor, and we hope for a fast recovery for Sean.
  • Sept. 12, 08 The WarGods Promotion held its second show in Salinas CA. They had 9 fights at the Sports Complex that saw Nate James with a big win over Elijah Reni and Dan Molina tapped out Richard Blake. Other winners were Brandon Cash, Isaac De Jesus, John Reedy, Tony Johnson, and Telly Saunders.  
  • Sept. 9 2008  It's a sad day in the world of MMA as the body of Fighter Evan Tanner was found in San Diego County. He was 37 years old. The extreme heat is said to be the cause of his death as he was 45 to 50 miles away from the nearest town and was out of water and gas for his motorcycle. 
  • Sept. 6 & 7 First on Saturday we all saw the very unexpected and devastating knock-out of Chuck Liddell by Rashad Evans. Along with that, Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson also saw wins in the UFC.  On Sunday The Gladiator Challenge put on another 20 fights at the Eagle Mountain Casino. Heavyweight Champ - Dave Huckaba survived a battle with a very game Rob Jackson after the bout was stopped in the 5th round due to a cut. Dustin Arden returned to GC and won his bout via tap-out over Chris Solomon. Other winners were Mike Diaz, Alvin Peyron, Javier Cervantes, Butch Whittington, Art Bessarra, Justin cummings, and Tony Llamas.
  • Aug. 30, 2008 Fighting 4 Kidz - Charity event to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children where over 850,000 kids have been treated free of charge. This event was hosted by The IronMan Tyson Johnson and held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Southern California. This was a JG promotion and a TKT event that saw UFC lightheavyweight star Quinton "Rampage" Jackson come and donate his awesome Pride FC banner to the cause that will be auctioned off on Ebay. Other stars were there as well such as Josh Koschek, Cecil Peoples, Doc Hamilton, Judo Gene Lebell, and Renaldo "Jacare" Souza who grappled to a draw with Randy Couture at the PSL. (side note) - It's rumored that Randy has signed an new short term contract with the UFC and should be fighting by next year. There were 7 fights that kept the small but enthusiastic crowd on their feet. Team Wildman's first 2 fighters Dustin Rhodes and Seth Dikun won their fights to start the night off right and then UTF stand out Bryan Baker fought a 3 round battle with Gary Padilla of AKA. This fight looked as if it would end many times during the 15 minute war as both fought with huge hearts and determination. Another great battle was between the reinvented Mike Kyle as he faced Mychal Clark. Both deserved a win as far as effort goes. It was a back and forth battle that saw Kyle come out on top. Multi-time world grappling champion Andre Galvao defeated the Cage Combat Welterweight Champ Jeremiah Metcalf. T.U.F. veteran Gabe Ruediger showed tremendous heart as he battled a losing fight against the "Silverback" Justin Wilcox. Adrew Clark defeated Andrew Lang. It was a great night of action for an even greater cause....We thank all those involved in FIGHTING 4 KIDS - a benefit for SHRINERS HOSPITAL for CHILDREN!
  • Aug. 29, 2008 The Gladiator Challenge held its second event an American Sports University in San Bernardino California. The show had 11 fights in the old FOX Theater that saw winners such as Mike Sandez, Issac Gomez, Victor Rodarte, Tyson Threadgill, Steve Eakins, and the new GC Lightheavyweight Champ James Cordrey.
  • August 23, 2008 It was one of the best shows of the year as Cage Combat held a fantastic event at the Woodward Park in Fresno, California. We saw 9 fights that kept the crowd on their feet and cheering for more. The fan base included many MMA stars such as Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell, Josh Koschek, Jason Miller, Jerimiah Metcalf, The guys of,, the Guys of Tap Out, and more. This event was broadcast live on the web, had both television news and radio coverage. The women were beautiful and everywhere your head turned. The fights were exciting as we saw 2 immediate knock-outs one was 9 seconds from Andy Miranda over Francisco Loredo, and the other 8 seconds from Moses Lira over Pete Sierra.  Other great wins came from Cage Combat Heavyweight Champion Buddy Roberts submitted Rafael Del Real, Ky Hollenbeck tapped out Bobby Curley in the first round, Tedd Van Roll beat Jose Diaz, and Jesse Bowen submitted Elvis Franco. One of the most exciting matches was for the Cage Combat Bantamweight championship. Champ. Rolando Velasco fought a 3 round war with Kid Dynamite David Espinosa. David had Rolando knocked-out 3 times but he regained consciousness as he continued to get hit and fought his way back to win the next 2 rounds. This battle ended in a Draw and has rematch written all over it! Casey Olson defeated Aaron Miller in the first round. O.G. Shonnie Carter had a 3 round battle with Matt Major that didn't please the crowd but was a great tacticle war. Cage Combat really stepped it up and with a very satisfied standing room only crowd asking for more, this may just be the beginning of the Big Break that C.C. has been waiting for.
  • August 17, 2008 Tonight Tall Paul Karsky of the Universal Grappling Academy won his fight by unanimous decision after dominating his opponent for 3 rounds at the Long Beach fight Night show. Great job TPK, we are all proud of you!
  • August 13, 2008 The Gladiator Challenge  made it first appearance at the Yolo county Fairgrounds on a Wednesday evening that saw Hunter Worsham win the vacant GC Welterweight Title as he took on the tough Nikko Medina. GC Heavyweight Champ Dave Huckaba brought down the 6'5 / 380lb Ross Grizzly Clifton in the final bout of the evening with leg kicks. Other winners of the night were Sam Stevens-Milo, Dave Ashkinaz, Kris Zubish, Rick Randolph, Ben Sattler, and Stefan Soloman.   Thursday August 14th It was then time for King of the Cage at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in San Bernardino California. 2 titles changed hands as Anthony Lapsley made quick work of the long time Champion Aaron Wetherspoon to become the KOTC Welterweight King. A stand up war saw Joe Boxer TKO the hard hitting Joe Camacho for the new Light-welterweight title.  In a shocking  display  James Fanshier  was TKO 'd  by the tough  Mike Guymon  in the first round.  Other winners  of the  PPV  evening were Chris Cully, David Aguirre, RJ Clifford, & The undefeated Rick Legere JR..
  • July 30, 2008 EliteXC loses 2 top figures (Doug DeLuca - Executive Chairman and Gary Shaw - live events President) just days after the big television flop on CBS Saturday Night in Stockton California. Both resigned their positions in the company effective immediately. They'll still receive paychecks from the company as they continue as consultants. They plan to finish out their contracts through Sept. 30, 2009.
  • July 26 & 27 This weekend was action packed with 2 Mixed Martial Arts promotions that kicked ass! On Saturday the the first ever WarGods Promotion held its event in the Fresno Convention Center. There were 13 great fights that more than rivaled the big Elite show just 2 hours North. The promoters put on a fantastic first show and I was glad to be a part of this new event. The main event saw Mike Moreno make quick work of Darrin Freeman, as did Alijah Reni to his much larger opponent Lavar Johnson. Tony Boyles made a surprising upset as he set the first Knock-out record of 9 seconds against the heavily favored Art Arciniega. James Cook put on an impressive performance against a tough Walter Hughes. Multi time wrestling champion Marcus Levesseur showed why he may soon become one of the next big names in MMA. Other winners of the evening were Kiko Lopez, Telly Sanders, Liron Wilson, Brandon Cash, BJ Lacy, and Issac De Jesus. Then on Sunday Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge packed the house at the Eagle Mountain Casino. 18 fights kept the crowd roaring as the action never stopped. In the main event, Justin Smitley easily defeated the tough Sergio Cortez for the GC Bantamweight Championship. Jason Drake won a tough fight, as did Bill Theofonopolous, Jacob Jeff, Cody gibson, David Ashkinoz, Steve Pineda, Kevin Franco, and Josh Green. 
  • July 19, 2008 The UFC held its free event on Spike t.v. to counter the Affliction Banned show on Pay per View. Ufc middleweight Champion Anderson Silva moved up a class to 205 and battled the very tough James Irvin. Silva Knocked Irvin out in the first round. Lightweight star Frankie Edgar won by a clear decision over Hermes Franca. Tyson and the UGA support Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and his current emotional and legal issues. We look forward to seeing him back in the cage again soon. The Affliction show was packed with former UFC fighters and champions that saw the man who every one believes is the best heavyweight in the business Fedor Emelianenko make quick work of Tim Sylvia with a 36 second rear naked choke, Andrei Arlovski with a KO over Ben Rothwell, other winners on this star filled event were Paul Buentello, Vitor Belfort, Matt Lindland, Josh Barnett, and Renato Sobral.
  • July 18, 2008 Tonight saw 2 great shows take place in the State of California that were sold out and filled with action. First The Tachi Palace to move its PFC event outside just to hold the overflowing crowd of MMA fans. On this card named "The Return", Doug "The Rhino" Marshall made a triumphant return with a win over the tough Phil Collins. Tyson's 2005 Fighter of the Year Jaime Jara made his debut in the PFC with a victory over Marcus Gaines. Other winners of the evening were Dominique "Fallen Angel" Robinson, Casey Olson, and Joe Soto. Then San Francisco hosted Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge event where all 10 fights were packed with non-stop action. Winners in tonights event included Nate Moore with a 6 second KO, Gabriel Solorio, John Devine, and a very controversial split decision win for Zack Bucia over Adam Albright who many thought clearly won the fight. 
  • July  2008 Check out the newest and fastest growing MMA community website - / This incredible site  is home to many great MMA stars, fighters, promoters, beautiful ring girls, and of course the fans! See The IronMan Tyson Johnson's Pro-Site right here and sign on to be one of his many supporting friends on this fantastic site.
  • June 2008 Tyson Johnson's latest and possibly greatest book is now published and ready for you to order Today at 
     So far this 320 page book filled with great information and cool pictures has a 5 out of 5 rating. Please get your copy today and possibly some as gifts for friends and family!
  • June 20, 2008 The Gladiator Challenge held it's first event at the American Sports University in San Bernardino CA. It was truly the first night of summer as the sun was just as hot as the 9 exciting fights.
  • June 2008 Tyson Johnson signs with new MMA fight promotion for the July 26th event in Fresno CA. WARGODS Promotions, Inc.
  • June 1, 2008 WEC Champ Urijah Faber, the 2004 Fighter of the Year recipient from Tyson Johnson successfully defended his belt in a 5 round war with Jens Pulver. There was no doubt that Urijah would win, and we are very proud!
  • May 31, 2008 This is a post that is floating arond the internet about the EliteXC fight that saw Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson. Is it true? We don't know but it's here for you to view.
I work for EliteXC on their website. I can't disclose exactly what my position is because I could get fired if they found out I was posting this.

I just want to make it known that a mass email was sent earlier today saying any EliteXC employees found to be criticizing the event would be punished and that the official stance we should take was that the Thompson/Kimbo stoppage was a good stoppage and to emphasize that James Thompson had to be ride in an ambulance after the fight.

Now all of us know that it's common for fighters to get medical attention after fights, even for minor injuries. Thompson, as far as I know, was only given treatment for a cut ear. But we were instructed to emphasize that Thompson required medical treatment and it was a good stoppage. In any interviews, forum posts, any type of public communication this is what we have been instructed to say.

Obviously I have refused to comply with this demand. The blatant early stoppage in favor of Kimbo was bad enough, and now being asked to censor myself and say things which go directly against what I think - that's just adding insult to injury and I won't abide this.
  • May 18, 2008 Gladiator Challenge held a 20 fight card show at the Eagle Mountain Casino that had a change in its GC Native American Heavyweight title holder Stan Dressler as he lost a decision to Ofa Mohetav. The return of GC Heavyweight Champ Dave Huckaba saw him easily defeat newbee R.J. Paulson. There were many action packed fights in the hot but fun Eagle Mountain facility. I've had the pleasure of announcing Julius Askew who passed away at the early age of 27 on 5/16/08...he will be missed.
  • May 17, 2008 Cage Combat put on a spectacular show at the Grace Pavillion in Santa Rosa CA. that saw 11 fights which included 2 of 3 title changes. First, Urijah Faber student Danny Castillo made quick work of Kung Le student Isaiah Hill. CC undefeated Middleweight Champion David Mitchell beat Jeff Morris by armbar to retain his title. Former GC champ Jeremiah Metcalf beat the formerly undefeated James Terry for the CC Welterweight Championship. Also the heavily favored Rick Cheek  lost his Cage Combat Heavyweight title in 52 seconds by rear naked choke to Buddy Roberts. Many former and current MMA stars were in attendance...Urijah Faber, Dave Terrel, Vernon"Tiger" White, Tyson Griffin, Frank Shamrock, and Kung Le.
  • May 15, 2008 It was a crazy night of Mixed Martial Arts action at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino as King of the Cage held it's Pay per View "Opposing Force" ! The night saw 8 fights filled with awkward results such as the double knock-out in the main event where KOTC Welterweight Champion Aaron Wetherspoon and his challenger Anthony Lapsley. In the second round they knocked skulls, opening a huge gash on both of their heads as well as knocking both fighters temporarily unconscious. It was pure movie footage that ended the bout in a NO-CONTEST! A rematch is sure to be set in the future. It the upset the night, New Mexicos Donald Sanchez defeated local favorite William Sriyapai by TKO.Tony Kryptinite Lopez again took on a larger fighter and this time he ended up breaking Joey Beltrans arm by way of Kimura. In a disappointing bout for the vacant KOTC Heavyweight title, Chance Williams was disqualified after 2 (possible) illegal strikes to the back of the head of Mike Bourke who would not continue to fight and was booed by the crowd as he left. The bout was ruled a No -Contest. On the more beautiful side of MMA, KOTC had the most incredible twins Jessica and Janelle along with the wonderful Tania and two new young ladies as Cage Girls and they all did a great job and were lots of fun.
  • May 12, 2008 Today Dr. Tyson Johnson had a live internet t.v. interview with where he spoke about his recent awards as well as much to do in the MMA world. There was an overwhelming amount of questions and interest in Mr. Johnson that he was asked to return on Thursday morning 11:00am. Tyson will be a guest and will answer questions live on to anybody and everybody from around the world.


  • TYSON JOHNSON Win’s the Mixed Martial Arts – MAN OF THE YEAR Award!


    On May 10, 2008 during a fantastic ceremony thanks to so many years of martial arts practice, training, competition and instruction to the masses, Tyson was Inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame (the original since 1976) to join the likes of the late/great Bruce Lee, as well as so many other great martial artists of the world such as Chuck Norris, Bill “Super-Foot” Wallace, Cecil Peoples, and Frank Dux (the incredible martial artist who the movie Blood Sport was made after). Both Bill Wallace and Frank Dux were in attendance and congratulated Tyson.


    Along with this great honor Tyson was awarded from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies his long worked for and awaited –

    Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy; PH.D. Which was presented by:

     Dr. Jim Thomas Ph.D/D.Sc/Ma.Sa. Soke Grandmaster – President; College of martial Arts Science,

    Candice Mayberry M.D. / Ph.D. – University President,

    Hirouki Matsumoto Ph.D., D.Sc./MMA – Dean of Academics, and

    Choji W. Kim Ph.D. / D.Sc. – President; International Advisory Board.


    In a humble speech, Tyson felt undeserving, but thankful to all those who had a hand in his martial arts studies from the time he was 5 years old until now. Tyson spent years of study in Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, KickBoxing, Sambo, Krav-Maga, Combat Grappling, various forms of Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do. All of which he now combines and calls his “Universal Grappling” now famed through-out world competitions/fights both Amateur and Professional. The last 15 years have been spent in the world of mixed martial arts and is seen around the world on various Pay per Views, Cable Networks, DVD’s, Video, Sports shows, and of course Live MMA shows (King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge, PFC, Cage Combat, etc.) through-out the world. Tyson has 2 incredible books relating to Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, Martial Arts Training, Mental Health, Women’s Self Defense, and Children’s Anti-Abduction etc. that can be found at The now Dr. Tyson Johnson Ph.D. is grateful to all the friends and fans who have supported him and nominated/voted for him in to the Hall of Fame and as MMA’s Man of the Year!

    Tyson Johnson
  • May 8, 2008 The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore CA. saw an exciting night of PFC MMA action as all 3 current champions faced defeat and 1 new interim champion was crowned. Jorge Evangelista defeated Art Arcienega for the PFC Featherweight title, Brian Cobb defeated Diego Saraiva for the PFC Lightweight title, Nate Loughran choked out Kenny Ento for the PFC Middleweight title, and Shawn Klarcyk tapped out the tough Jason Georgianna for the PFC interim Bantamweight championship. Tonight saw 12 great fights put on again by Christian Printup, Richard Goodman, and the PFC staff. See all the action on ComcastSportsNet or DishNetwork - On Demand!
  • April 26, 2008 Tonight the Eagle Mountain Casino was supposed to hold a night of Professional Boxing. However due to unknown reasons, the event was cancelled and thats where the PFC stepped in and put on 14 exciting MMA bouts. The main event saw Morris Aldaco defeat long time rival Chris Botelho, Poppies Martinez choked out Jared Saenz, Tito Jones and Joey Cabesa both had devestating knock-outs in the first round of their fights. Other winners were George Albanez, Chuck Kim, Manuel Quezada and Bill Theofonopolos.
  • April 21, 2008 The Universal Grappling Academy would like to thank it's sponsors - Bring it on Paintball, Airsoft, and Military Supply, The Cage, and AnyTime Fitness for their continued support of the UGA. 
  • April 19, 2008 King of the Cage held it's show at the famous Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. There were 9 evenly matched fights that saw good wins coming from Mike Guymon, Tony Lopez, Fernando Gonzales, and Jesus Morales. The UFC saw George St.Pierre prove once again that he is the best 170lb fighter in the world as he easily avenged his fluke loss to Matt Serra. Rich Franklin dominated Travis Lutter as he won his bout as well.
  • April 12, 2008 The Gladiator Challenge held its first successful show at the Cahuilla Casino in Anza CA. It was a small venue, but they had a sell out crowd that was excited to enjoy the 14 MMA fights. The main event saw Brian Warren of San Bernardino, CA. fight to a Majority draw with James Dodge of Eugene, Oregon. Nikko Medina who destroyed his opponent in January thought he would have the same success but ended up getting knocked out by a tough new comer in Joshua Aveles. Other winners of the event were - James Cordrey, Fortino Sanchez, Paul Webb, Daniel Mancha, Jason Georianna, Chris Kirtley, and Beau Serrat. The girls had a Gladiator Girl competition and signed autographs after the show inside the casino. The contest was judged by nonother than the creator of the UFC, Mr. Art Davey who now works with Tedd Williams and the Gladiator Challenge.
  • March 27, 2008 King of the Cage held a sold out action packed show at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino that saw 8 well matched fights, 4 incredibly beautiful cage girls, and a host of special guests. KOTC Welterweight Champion Aaron "Slam" Wetherspoon once again showed why he was at the top of the food chain as he put on a 3 round domination seminar against a tough John Mahlow. Rick legere Jr.  also dominated his opponent Gabe Lara and ended his bout in the first round by TKO! This young buck is on the rise and is now looking to take his undefeated record to the championship table. Also on the card, Reggie Orr beat the tough and undefeated Paul Arras who we're sure will be back in the winning circle again. Lucas Taber, Jason Durrant, Mike Robles, and William Sriyrapai were all winners as well tonight! Later tonight the beautiful Ally Rodriguez made another special appearance from Laughlin NV. to the San Manuel casino along with her friend Kimberly.
  • March 20, 2008 PFC - 7 sold out a full house at the Tachi Palace Resort and Casino. The Lightheavyweight crown changed hands as Jorge Oliveira defeated Jeromy Frietag after 5 rounds. Other winners for the action packed evening were Jorge Evangelista, Phil Collins, Jeremiah Metcalf, Bryan Travers, and Brandon Jinnies. On March 22, 2008  King of the Cage held a sold out crowd at the Avi Resort and Casino in Laughlin Neveda. It was a great crowd and we must thank Ally Rodriguez for her beautiful appearance at the show. Some of the nights winners were - Anthony Guerra, Neil Cooke, Victor Rodarte, Junior Kling, and Sean Strickland.
  • March 15 & 16 - The Gladiator Challenge held 2 sold out events this weekend that saw 29 action packed fights. First: the Kezar Pavilion held 11 fights in San Francisco California that saw Eric Lawson, Chris David, Travis Bennett, and John Devine all get wins for the evening. Second: The Eagle Mountain Casino held 18 fights for an enthusiastic crowd of Tule River tribal members and MMA fans that saw tribal grudge matches, a title fight, and a womens bout to start out the afternoon. Eva Alvardo, John Franco, Fred Diaz, Mickie Martinez, and Shawn Klarcyk all won their bouts as did Joaquin Sanchez who defeated Tony Vera for the Native American Heavyweight title. A special Happy Birthday went out at each event for Kiikwe Johnson who turned 23 on Sunday March 16, 2008, and James Johnson who shares the same birth-date.
  • February 22, 2008 King of the Cage held another sold out event at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. There were 15 exciting fights including  lightweight and middleweight 4 man tournaments. After a brief controversy where World Famous referee Cecil People didn't see a tap from Joe Voisin and forced the continuation of the KOTC Bantumweight championship match against Matt Jaggers, The Jagger Bomb ended up winning by unanimous decision. Other winners  were Chris Henderson of the 155lb tournament and Jorge Sarat of the 185lb tournament. Bryan Harper, Adam Cunningham, and Josh Barnes.
  • February 16, 2008 Congratulations to U.G.A. Kids Justyn Combado and Seth Kuhlmann for working so hard & taking first place at the 2008 N.A.G.A. Grappling Tournament in Las Vegas. We are all proud of our young champions who are great teammates, loyal to the UGA team, and committed to being champions in life!
  • February 16, 2008 It was a great 2 days at the Los Angeles Convention Center Fit-Expo as the Gladiator Challenge put on a sold out show that saw 11 great MMA fights. In the main event, Nam Phan made an awesome comback for the win after being overwhelmed by the fast and furious onslaught of a very tough Saad Awad. Art Ruiz of Bad Boy Jiu-Jitsu lost a tough match to MMA newcomer Mike Sandez. Tony Lopez continues to impress the MMA world with another dominating win over what seemed to be a stronger opponent in Liron Wilson. Russ Muira, Beau Serat and Alijah Reni all saw wins as well this evening. 2 other fighters that had wins this evening and we think should battle eachother are Jason High and Niko Medina. With 3 solid knock-outs, 7 submissions or stops, and only 1 decision bout, this was a great show. The Fit Expo was filled with many great people and super stars from all fitness worlds such as MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Body Building, Sumo, Power-Lifting, etc. We saw Randy Coture, Marco Ruas, Freddy George, Shonie Carter, Antonie McKee, Dean Lister, Herb Dean, and so many more. Tyson was glad to have met and talked to so many great people from the supplement vendors to the incredible women who worked many of the booths. The UGA team would like to congratulate Tall Paul Karsky and Kristyn Aubrey who on December 28, 2007 has their baby girl Nataley, and now they were married at the Green Tree lodge in Victorville California Saturday 2/16/08. Kimbo Slice beat Tank Abbot at the EliteXC show last night...Big Surprise!
  • February 13, 2008 The old PRIDE-FC team has rebuilt and been reborn as DREAM! A new Japanese fighting organization that gives another option to watch in MMA and opportunity for the fighters.
  • February 2008 Tyson Johnson and Brad Verret along with other MMA stars are set to host the Gladiator Challenge show at the Los Angeles Convention Center Saturday Feb. 16th but will also be on hand Friday Feb. 15th to sign autographs and hand out free DVD's from 3pm to 6pm. Come on out and support the Gladiator Challenge and it's future stars of MMA. 
  • The Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin tribe of Lake Michigan Indians are finally getting a taste of their own bad medicine as the Federal Government is investigating the failing tribe due to on going corruption and other improper tribal operations. Bad medicine was created by Patricia Wiggins, Theresa Batiste and other Godless ignorants of the tribe who have been crucial in the break down of communications between Mr. Johnson and his former friend. It's a great shame that what many considered one of the greatest romantic love stories of all time was nothing more than a vicious and heartless financial scam ran by Patricia Wiggins and Theresa Batiste. Legal actions are currently being sought, but nothing will relieve the pains caused by this evil duo.
  • January 26, 2008 No Limit Fighting redeems itself tonight at the Dallas, Texas Paladium where it held its first show that saw 10 exciting fights. The Preditor Don Frye headlined the event that saw some great knock-outs and just as many submissions. Zane Frazier (of UFC 1 notoriety) also fought on the card but lost in the first round. The ring girls were hot and the action fast. Shannon the Cannon Ritch did color commentating and Tyson Johnson hosted what looks to be a great show to watch for in the future.
  • January 24, 2008 Tonight King of the Cage held it's first event at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino. It was a sold out crowd and a fantastic set up. The accomidations were great and the casino employees top notch. There were 6 fights for the night that saw William Sriyapai k.o Alex Rickards, Rick Legere Jr. ko Fortino Sanchez in 50 seconds, Don Rocco tasted defeat for the first time in 9 fights to Rich Dalton, We also saw Buddy Clinton get back on the winning streakas he submitted a tough Gabe Rivas. The main event was for the KOTC 160lb title where Joe Camacho knocked out Thomas Denny early in the second round. Great fights, great fans, great event! The ring girls were Top Notch not one of them was under a 10 rating..WOW
  • January 18, 2008 Universal Grappling Academy fighter Tall Paul Karsky earned his shot at the next Chaos in the Cage event to be held later this year as he tonight defeated the tough Rolando Torres in a 3 round unanimous decision. Congratulations to Paul and his wife to be Kristyn who will be married on Feb. 16th and they just had their beautiful baby girl Nataley (born Dec,28th).
  • January 17, 2008 Tyson Johnson once again shared the hosting spotlight with the great Jimmy Lennon Jr. as PFC-6 (Palace Fighting Championships) held another great 16 fight card event  which saw 3 world title bouts. Shawn Bias lost his championship as did the local favorites Poppies Martinez and Shawn Klarcyk. Anthony Ruiz took on a huge decision win over Brad Imes. Some top MMA stars in attendance were Urijah Faber and Chuck Liddell. For those confussed by the beautiful woman at Tyson's side for the event, that was Mr. Johnson's image consultant Norma Navarro along with her brothers who also enjoyed their stay at the Tachi Palace. 
  • January 2008 A BIG year is set up for Tyson Johnson as he has been announced to be the co - announcer for the PFC events held at the beautiful Tachi Palace in Lemoore California. The PFC has just signed a television deal with Comcast Cable and will be featured on the exciting TapOut show. Tyson is also currently in filming process with the Gladiator Challenge Reality show. On a personal note: Tyson's wife and unborn baby are still critically ill and under hospital supervision in their native community of Lac Du Flambeau WI. We all wish them well and hope for a speedy return to California. They are greatly missed by many. Sources say that Tyson's newest book is now finished and is hoped to be released in May of 2008. We look forward to it.
  • Dec. 22 2007 The Gladiator Challenge held it's final show of 2007 at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento CA. The card saw Hunter Worsham (son of the great Cal Worsham) with yet another exciting win. The undefeated Chase Gormley beat the undefeated Rick Cheek for the GC interim Heavyweight title. The return of Scott Smith saw him with a first round victory over Jeff Morris to capture the GC Middleweight Championship.
  • Dec. 2, 2007 King of the Cage held it's Final Chapter show at the Soboba Casino where it all began 9 years ago! 23 fights filled the card along with a KOTC Middleweight title bout which saw Champion - Kieth Berry defend his 185lb title against the well rounded and very tough Umar Love who many (including myself) thought would win this fight. Brian Warren lost to a tough Paul Arras. The Man of War Melvin Costa lost his first match against on Jason Jones from Amsterdam which was a heated battle of race and pride.  Tony Cruz, Rick Legere Jr., and Reggie Orr were all also winners on tonights final card in San Jacinto CA. The announcement of the move to the San Manuel Casino Jan. 24th was made where Thomas Denny and Joe Camacho will face off as the main event.
  • Nov. 17th and 21 King of the Cage held 2 events this week that showed why MMA fans are dedicated and the best.Here you have the biggest holiday weekend going on but the fans still packed the stadiums to watch live MMA action. The first show was held at the Rockford Metro Center in Illinois, and the secon at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort where we saw KOTC lightweight champion Clay French once again dominate another title defense.
  • Nov. 11, 2007 The Gladiator Challenge held another packed event at the Eagle Mountain Casino that saw 2 exciting female bouts as well as the 310lb Chance Williams defeat the 400lb Ross Clifton for the GC Superheavyweight title.
  • Oct. 27, 2007 Great job for the UGA grapplers who participated in the N.A.G.A. Tournament this weekend. Javier Sr. 2nd place / Javier Jr. 3rd place / Marshall Kuhlmann 2nd place / Giovanni 1st & 2nd(Gi) places / Carlos 1st & 1st(Gi) place. We thank them all for their hard work and efforts while representing the Universal Grappling Academy.
  • Oct. 15, 2007 Yes ladies and gentlemen the rumors are true and we here at T. Johnson Enterprises would like to clear the air and congratulate Tyson and Sweetie for their private friendship ceremony that took place on August 12, 2007. Yes they are friends and thank all of you who have supported them and sent them well wishes in their new lives together. They are very happy and look forward to taking care of eachother for the rest of their lives. You can check them out on myspace. Don't worry, they are going to have a big reception where all their friends and family members can join them in celebrating their beautiful friendship.
  • Aug. 4-5 2007 The Gladiator Challenge once again had a packed crowd at the Konacti Vista Casino in Northern California to watch Bo Cantrell attempt to regain his GC heavyweight title. It was not his night as he was knocked out in 10 seconds by GC Champion Dave Huckaba. The UGA's Tall Paul Karsky fought a tough Kenny Kingsford and tapped him out in the second round with an armbar. The next day King of the Cage was buzzing with surprise when the host Tyson Johnson showed up with his new bride to be "Sweety" on his arm. With her model like features and stunning beauty, these two really were quite the couple to be photographed all night long. As far as the action went, Junior Kling defeated Cody Bollinger for the KOTC amateur 145 title. Keith Berry beat Shawn Loeffler for the vacant KOTC Middleweight title. Shad Smith and Dave rivas fought to a draw, and Melvin Costa put on another action packed fight while defeating Sean Mc Cafferty. Tony Cruz beat Josh miller and Thomas Denny beat John Cole.
  • July 27, 2007 The Gladiator Challenge held another great event at the Kezar Pavillion in San Francisco. 3000 excited fans roared at the 10 action packed fights! On the Same night in Santa Barbara CA.(on Showtime) Gladiator Challenge Middleweight Champion Jaime Jara Fought and defeated Jeramiah Metcalf for the Welterweight title. I am proud to know and say that my friend Jaime Jara and his great Team X lead by the Immortal Cal Worsham has grown immensly of the years and is a great double champion!
  • July 21, 2007 King of the Cage held its first event in the State of Wisconsin. The excited fans of the Lake of the Torches Hotel and Casino saw 12 good fights that included local fighters and even a fun to watch female bout. The event was topped off with Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennet knocking out his very game opponent. I must say that the beautiful front desk girl "Sweetie" was a pleasure to meet as were many others. The hotel was on the shores of a beautiful lake that had Bald Eagles flying and skimming the surface. It was an amazing place to hold an exciting show. Special Thanks to the Ojibwe Tribe! KOTC returns there October 6th.
  • July 19, 2007 The Palace Fighting Championships saw 2 great announcers share the billing as Tyson Johnson and Jimmy Lennon Jr. both played host to an incredible night of action that saw Shawn Bias win a long awaited title as did Sean Klarsyk. "WarPath" also won his fight in the first. It was a very good event in an incredible hotel that was breath-taking inside and out. The pool area alone was probably the best I have ever seen at any hotel or event. The next event is October 18th.
  • July 14, 2007 Congratulations to U.G.A. competitors who took part in an exciting grappling tournament with Javier Maya Sr.  and Tall Paul Karsky and taking 2nd place awards while Javier Maya Jr. took 1st place after defeating 5 other kids! Great job representing the UGA fellas. That same night at the Eagle Mountain Casino, KOTC held an event that saw James Fanshier defeat Ronald Jhun via armbar, Tony Vera defeated William Johnson for the Gladiator Challenge Native American Heavyweight title, and Darvin Wattree defeated Jeremy Ybarra. People, get this months issue of Gladiator Magazine(the nations #1 selling MMA magazine) and read the latest article written by Tyson Johnson (Strength vs Power).
  • June 28, 2007 The Battle in the Ballroom show was great for Universal Grappling Academy fighter Tall Paul Karsky as he started the show with an incredible 6 second knock-out over his opponent! The crowd went wild as the devestating kick to the head was heard throughout the entire event. Richie Collingham lost in the 2nd round by Triangle Choke. Team Wildman suffered a ridiculous loss as Lucas Taber who clearly won the fight was a victim of extremely poor judging that resilted in the decision going the wrong way.
  • June 22/23 - It was a great weekend for MMA as it saw 2 days of great fights: Frank Shamrock gave a beat-down to Phil Barroni, Cung Le goes 4-0 in MMA, Joe Boxer is tapped out quick from a fill in fighter, after Krazy Horse fails to be released from jail in time for the show and embarrasses himself and the MMA world once again! Former KOTC Heavyweight Champion Paul Buentello wins again. B.J. Penn chokes out Jens Pulver in the second round. Gray Maynard and Robert Emerson fight to a no - contest.
  • June 8 & 9 Two really good shows happened this weekend as King of the Cage held another event at the Soboba Casino on Friday the 8th which saw the return of the exciting Thomas Kenny along with 17 other action packed fights. Then on Saturday the 9th the Gladiator Challenge held 13 exciting fights in Farmington, New Mexico. We saw the fantastic Middleweight Champion Jaime Jara defend his title with a first round triangle choke out of Jake "The Snake"  Paul.
  • May 26, 2007 Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion...Congratulations!
  • May 12, 2007 Cage Combat put on it's 3rd event in Sant Rosa, California. There were 10 exciting fights that proved that the Northern California fighters are ready for competition anywhere in the world. Team Nor Cal fighting Alliance had 2 fighters win impressively, but the fight of the night and I would say the Fight of the Year came from 2 155lb fighters - Yusuke Ikenishi (Arashi) and David Douglas. These two warriors fought tooth and nail for 3 incredible rounds until the disapointing doctor stopage due to a huge gash opened over Arashi's left eye. Great show and Great Ring Girls for this event.
  • May 11, 2007 The Gladiator Challenge finally arrived on the Nevada map and did it in Big fashion with 8 exciting fights including 3 World Title bouts. On the under card, Gigo Jara continues to impress me as he seems to get better with every fight as he defeated a very experienced Josh Rabedeaux. Big brother Jaime Jara defended his Middleweight Title by submitting Bryson Kamaka from team 808. Welterweight Champion Jeremiah Metcalf proved to be the real deal as he defeated the veteran Ronald Jhun in 3 rounds. A surprising end happened in the Heavyweight Title bout where Champion Bo Cantrell lost his title to Dave Huckaba when after only moments into the match something happened to his eye and could not see. the bout was stopped and Huckaba is the new Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight Champion. Rumor has a rematch set for September of this year. The Silver Legacy was a great host and place to stay for this event. The Gladiator Girls were perfect as they are most of the time.
  • May 5, 2007  It was another great Golden day for Universal Grappling Academy kids member Carlos Ruffo (6yrs old) as he won yet another wrestling tournament by dominating the competition in Fontana CA. A day of greatness was clouded with the sad news of my long time friend and MMA competitor Jeremy Williams who passed away recently.
  • April 28, 2007 Universal Grappling Academy fighters Paul Karsky and Richie Collingham fought at the Bring it On fight promotions in Oxnard, California. Richie won by rear naked choke in the first round. Paul lost when a new judge stopped the fight prematurely after taking one small hit that caused no damage.
  • April 27, 2007 KOTC held it's first event at the Soboba Casino of 2007. Welterweight Champion Aaron "Slam" Wetherspoon successfully defended his title against the tough Laverne Clark. Charlie Kohler also say victory, as well as Lucas Taber. On May 1, 2007 the first National issue of Todd Hester's GLADIATOR MAGAZINE arrives in stores. See the exciting Nutrition article written by our own Tyson Johnson as well as his book Ad and the great paragraph about the UGA competition Team at the NAGA tournament.
  • 1stGladiatorMagazineCover.jpg
  • Other Guests that enjoyed the show were Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Joe "Daddy" Stevenson, Jason Lambert, Umar Love, and the very Beautiful former KOTC ring girl and now 2003 Play Boy model of the year, best known for her exhilerating Super Bowl Miller Lite commercials Kitana Baker.
  • 427079.jpg
  • April 07, 2007 It was an exciting night of action at the Stockton Arena as The Warriors Cup put on 10 fights that were said to be more exciting than any other show that had aired that night.The show was hosted by Tyson Johnson and swa othe rMMA stars there as well such as Urijah Faber and Nick Diaz. UFC saw a very unexpected upset at the huge underdog Matt Serra defeated the once thoght great Welterweight Champion George St. Pierre for the title, and Josh Koschek handed Diego Sanchez his first professional loss. A BIG congratulations to Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo who destroyed their competition at a wrestling tournament and both took home the GOLD!! Carlos also faced and defeated the Oklahoma State Wrestling Champion in only 17 seconds.! Great job boys.
  • March 31, 2007 UGA Fighters John Brosowske and Osiris Ugarte won their fights this weekend in San Francisco CA. for the Gladiator Challenge show held at the Kezar Pavillion. Paul Karsky was set to fight but the bout was cancelled. Richie Collingham fought like a champ, but was caught in an armbar late in the first round. The Gladiator girls were beautiful.......Paul and Richie are set to fight April 6th for Chaos in the Cage!
  • March 23, 2007 UGA Fighter Richie Collingham won his first fight in 1:16 of the first round while in Farmington new Mexico today for the Gladiator Challenge fights. Richie along with UGA fighters Paul Karsky, John Brosowske, and Osiris Ugarte will be fighting in San Francisco CA. on the 31st of March.
  • March 17,2007 Congratulations to the 2006 Fighter of the Year - James (The Educator) Fanshier who was announced at the sold out Gladiator Challenge show held at the Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Sacramento California. Middleweight Champion Jaime Jara successfully defended his title as his little brother Gigo also saw victory.
  • March 10th & 11th - A weekend of fights as King of the Cage held it's pay per view show at the Avi casino in Laughlin. During the same night in Southern California the Invincible promotion held a shady show filled with bad calls along with very questionable stops and matches that bothered many of its patrons. Paul Karsky and Richie Collingham both fell victim to their unprofessional tactics. On Sunday the 11th the Gladiator Challenge held another big show at the Eagle Mountain Casino. I would like to thank Jay Hagen and Holly for their time and use of their airplane during this weekend.
  • 3/03/2007 Tonight's UFC was great! It saw 3 great fighter return to the Octagon and win. Congratulations to Matt Hughes, Rich Franklin, and the best of all time and New UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture.I also want to say great job to Jason Lambert for his impressive win.
  • 2/26/2007 UFC fighter Josh Burkman has come to train at Tyson Johnson's Universal Grappling Academy along with Joe Stevenson and his crew. Josh has a possible fight in late April. As the UGA sign reads Respect is earned, not given.... Josh Burkman found that out the hard way as Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo made him work to earn their respect. 022607.jpg 0226071.jpg 0226072.jpg 0226073.jpg 0226074.jpg
  • 2/24/2007 PrideFC held it's show in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight and we saw Dan Henderson defeat the long-standing champion Silva by knock-out. In a huge upset, Nick Diaz defeated Pride Lightweight champion Gomi by submission. KOTC lightheavyweight champion James Lee also unexpectedly defeated Travis Wieuf in the first round. Former KOTC lightweight champ Mac Danzing was knocked out in his Pride debut.
  • 2/19/2007 UFC Fighter & T.U.F. 2 winner Joe "Daddy" Stevenson began his training today at Tyson Johnson's Universal Grappling Academy for his April 5th Ultimate Fight Night match against Melvin Guillard. We welcome Joe and hope to provide a great training experience for him at the U.G.A.  021907.jpg 0219072.jpg 0219073.jpg However, Joe did run into some trouble while training as UGA's Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo had to test his toughness when they began a two on one grappling match.0219074.jpg 0219075.jpg
  • 2/10/2007 Las Vegas, Nevada played host to a very well ran N.A.G.A. Grappling Tournament. 11 Universal Grappling members took part with 9 of them placing in the Top 3 divisions. It was a great day for the UGA and many took notice as these exceptional athletes worked hard to end the day with 10 winning trophy swords. Carlos Ruffo won two 1st place awards in two divisions, Javier sr. won  2nd & 3rd place awards in two divisions but clearly could have won 2 first place awards if he wasn't battling a horrible sickness, John Brosowski won 1st place, Niko Combado won 1st place, Javier jr. won 2nd place, Nate Vargas won 2nd place, Heath Kuhlmann won 2nd place, and Aaron Morland won 3rd place. As a Team, the UGA took 6th place over-all. We hope to improve that number in the future with more members competing and more wins.
  • NAGA10.jpgNAGA17.jpgNAGA9.jpgNAGA1.jpg
  • 2/3/2007 The UFC held it's show in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada where we saw my friend Quinton "Rampage" Jackson make and win his octagon debut by defeating Marvin Eastman. Mircro CroCop also won an easy fight with Eddie Sanchez. Tyson Griffin who didn't look his usual self met with his first MMA defeat via decision, and Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva beat Travis Lutter in the second round via tap out. Our superstar boys Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo again amazed the UFC crowd and fighters by demonstrating their awesome adult sized MMA skills. Great job boys, keep up the good work.
  • CarlosGiovanni20207.jpg
  • 1/26/2007 King of the Cage held it's second show of 07 at the Soaring Eagle Casino in My. Pleasant, Michigan. It was a great crowd that saw wins from Dan "The Beast" Severn, Buddy Clinton, and Jason Ireland.
  • 1/20/2007 Today 2 Universal Grappling Academy students of the kids program Carlos and Giovanni Ruffo went head to head with California's best wrestlers including top students from the great Dan Henderson's school and came out on Top as they took 1st and 2nd place at the super tournament held in Southern California. Giovanni who recently turned 5 years old showed incredible heart as he constantly fights an uphill battle against larger bodied opponents. Carlos who recently turned 6 years old, beat Dan Hendersons top student who had been undefeated for the last 2 1/2 years, and continues to show why he is the future of this sport with his intensity, talent, and desire to win. Keep watching for these 2 superstars!
  • CarlosGiovanni12207.jpg
  • 01202007.jpg0120200712.jpg
  • 1/19/2007 King of the Cage held it's first event for 2007 in Rockford, Illinoise at the Metrocentre. It was an exciting night where even the honorable Mayor showed up and enjoyed the event as Clay French defeated the now former Lightweight Champion Mac Danzig. Jeff Curran also battled for 3 rounds in an action filled fight.
  • 012020075.jpgMayor of Rockford, Larry J. Morrissey 012020074.jpgLindsay.....
  • 12/16/2006 The Gladiator Challenge held it's final show of 2006 at the Memorial Auditorium in down town Sacramento CA. 13 action packed fights excited the full house of MMA fans. Tonight saw 2 main Team X members take losses as the Welterweight Champion James Fanshier lost his title to Jeramiah Metcalf in a split decision. Cal Worsham had stepped in to fight Heavyweight Champion Bo Cantrell but suffered a broken eye socket along with the loss. One Team X member Jason Geris did however win the GC Lightheavyweight Championship tonight. The Superheavyweight Champion Chance Williams defeated his Hungarian opponent in easy fashion in the 1st round. Joe Stevenson and David Terrell were present and made a positive impression at the show. David Terrell's Nor Cal Fighting Alliance kids team will be joining for a joint training week with the UGA kids in January of 2007. We would like to thank the California State Athletic Program and Armondo Garcia for their continued efforts and support of our sport. The incredible Hawaiian Tropic winner and super model Anastasia made an appearance and kept Tyson smiling all night long... Ana.jpg 825ringgirls2.jpg
  • 12/12/2006 UFC Buys up WFA contracts and aquires Quinton Rampage Jackson, Urijah Faber, and many other top fighters.....Read this caption from Josh Gross of  
  • It was billed as the “ultimate” competitor. Yet in the end, the revamped World Fighting Alliance will be remembered as little more than a splattered bug on the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s broad windshield.

    On Monday, as first reported by the Wrestling Observer, it was revealed the WFA had unloaded fighter contracts to the organization it intended to compete with head to head, thus completing a thin chapter on what mixed martial arts promoters should not do: overpay fighters, inflate revenue and pay-per-view estimates, and under-staff the front office.

    During the short time WFA reappeared on the MMA landscape, the promotion repeatedly reminded anyone who would listen that it was home to Quinton Jackson (Pictures) and Lyoto Machida — fighters with little in common besides owning wins over UFC stars.

    Less than 10 months after the WFA announced its return, Jackson and Machida now have a much larger and more secure roof over their heads. And instead of hearing about their accomplishments versus Chuck Liddell (Pictures) and Rich Franklin (Pictures), we may now actually get to see how they stack up at this moment against the current and former UFC champs.

    Having recently added World Extreme Cagefighting to its promotional umbrella, Zuffa — apparently out of necessity as well as a desire to quash the WFA for good — jumped at the opportunity to expand its bursting fighter roster by about 30, adding some of the biggest names in the sport in the process.

    How did it happen?

    Spurred on by last Wednesday’s revelation that WFA CEO Jeremy Lappen was suing the company’s owners Ross Goodman and Louis Pallazo for breach of contract, the demise of the WFA was kick-started from idle to sixth gear.

    Friday, two days after the WFA delivered letters to fighters in its stable informing them they remained bound to the company through “MMA Participation Agreements,” Lappen and the WFA settled for an undisclosed sum — a clear sign that something was in the works.

    Before the weekend was over, Zuffa had capitalized and the WFA was officially dead.

    Now what? Will every fighter whose contract was purchased by the UFC have a spot in the rapidly expanding fight organization? And what role could the WEC play in all this?

    Several sources informed that the UFC plans on deciding in the next day or two exactly which fighters it will keep, and moreover, what the Las Vegas-based organization will do with the ones they holdover.

    An option being considered, one source said, could see the UFC split its new acquisitions between the UFC and WEC, which will likely be showcased on HBO presuming the long-anticipated deal gets done.

    With the UFC committed to Spike TV, Zuffa is apparently planning on promoting WEC as a separate brand, and as such, it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected if several of the highly-regarded additions — Jackson, Machida, Jason Miller, Urijah Faber (Pictures), Heath Herring (Pictures), among others — end up fighting under the WEC banner.

    The belief is White moved to purchase WFA properties to gain the rights to Jackson so he could promote a rematch with Chuck Liddell (Pictures), not to mention prevent the selling of WFA contracts to Showtime and Pro Elite, which are set to hold a press conference Thursday in Los Angeles to announce plans for 2007.

    Jackson’s contract, a one-year, three-fight deal that expires in March of ’07 (though there is an option for a second year), does guarantee the former PRIDE star a percentage of pay-per-view proceeds. In the case of Jackson’s lone WFA bout — a decision victory over Matt Lindland (Pictures) — his chunk of the pie was significantly smaller than expected, as one source with close ties to the now dead WFA front office told the “King of the Streets” card pulled in fewer than 50,000 buys.

    In the case of UFC stars such as Liddell, Tito Ortiz (Pictures) and Randy Couture (Pictures), pay-per-view-induced revenue has been extremely kind to their bank accounts. As such, there is speculation that the UFC could circumnavigate paying Jackson hundreds of thousands if not millions of additional dollars by placing “Rampage” on HBO-televised cards.

    What that might do to a second Jackson-Liddell showdown is unknown, but it’s highly unlikely the fan-favorite light heavyweight would fight in Zuffa’s house without facing the “Iceman” in his first few tangles. 

  • 12/09/2006 Today 8 of the novice members of the UGA (4 kids / 4 adults) competed at the 10th annual Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas Nevada. Even though none of the level of competition rules are enforced or adheared to,  the UGA brought home 3 medals and are very proud of our grapplers (Carlos Ruffo, Nikko Combado, Justyn Combado, Javier Maya Jr., Aaron Morland, Marcello Martinez, Javier Maya Sr., and Paul Karsky). Congratulations to them all for their hard work and dedication to their team.
  •  Grapplersquest3.jpg Grapplersquest1.jpg
  • 12/01/2006 King of the Cage held it's final show of the year at the Soboba casino where 2 UGA mambers went to war. First out was Taylor Schmidt who at 328lbs made is cage debut and won after 1:09 of round #2. Next out was our road warrior Richard Solis who was very game and put up a slug fest battle that didn't end as we had hoped as he tapped by armbar at 4:58 of the second round. Our friend and former team-mate Umar Love from Evolved Martial Arts / Mellenia Jiu-Jitsu took his first loss to Fernando Gonzalez after 28 seconds of the second round. Frankie Guerrero also lost by armbar after 3:36 of the first round. Othere winners for the night were Charlie Kohler and John De La O. Two KOTC champions retained their titles after decision wins : Welterweight Champion - Aaron "SLAM" Wetherspoon and Flyweight Champion - Manny "The mangler" Tapia.
  • 11/29/2006 The UGA Kids program thanks Joe (Daddy) Stevenson and his beautiful wife as they made a special appearence at Tyson Johnson's Universal Grappling Academy. Joe taught the excited children some incredible moves! However, in picture number 2 you can see that Joe finally met his match and was choked out by the vicious 5 year old Giovanni Ruffo....(LoL)    Thanks alot Joe!!
  • 11292006.jpg Thank you Joe Daddy !!112920062.jpg Giovanni by Choke out!!
  • 11/18/2006 The Universal Grappling Academy team watched with mixed reactions as GSP beat Matt Hughes for the UFC Welterweight title after 1:27 of the second round. Joe Stevenson also won his bout by submission in the first round.
  • 11/12/2006 Universal Grappling Fighter Palika Drummondo wins a tough fight at the Eagle Mountain casino against Roy the Hit Boy by armbar submission in the first round. After a 4 year lay off our friend multi-time Kickboxing Champion Craig the bullet Buchannon fought and won a tough fight at the San Manuel Casino on 11/9/2006.
  • 11/9/2006 The United States Armed Forces returned from Irac and met up with Tyson Johnson and Brad the icon Veret at the airport in Tulsa Oklahoma.
  • TyBradandMarines.jpg
  • 10/31/2006 Time is running out friends - email me now with your vote for Tyson Johnson's 2006 Fighter of the Year! Deadline is December 31, 2006. (FOY - 2004 Urijah Faber / 2005 Jaime Jara) Who is next??
  • 10/28/2006 In what may have been his final bout for the King of the Cage organization Bantumweight Champion Urijah Faber showed exactly why he is one of today's most sought after MMA talents as he defeated 5 time world Jiu-Jitsu champion Bibiano Fernandez in the first round. Other winners for the night were A.J. Fonseca, Gigo Jara, and Kasey Uscola. Congratulations to Jaime Jara and his new bride as they were married over the weekend in Reno!
  • 10/14/2006 UFC action saw Sean Sherk finally win the long awaited Lightweight title from Kenny Florian. Anderson Silva dominated Rich Franklin in the first round to win the Middleweight title in a shocking bout. The Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champion James Fanshier defended his title against the veteran John Cronk in Northern California.


  • 10/13/2006 Tonight King of the Cage at the Soboba Casino saw Universal Grappling Academy fighter Ernie Perea defeat the tuff Albert Hill in a super fight title match. Brent Wooten fell short in his return to Georgi Caracanya after his 18 month leave from the cage. Cub Swanson defeated the great Charlie Valencia.
  • 10/7/2006 Former KOTC Champion Paul Buentello knocked out UFC Veteran David (Tank) Abbott in the first round of their StrikeForce main event bout tonight.
  • 9/26/2006 The Universal Grappling Academy was proud to host their new partner Hornee Industreez / for a 2007 Calendar photo shoot. These girls are Hot & Hornee....:-)
  • 92606.jpg 926065.jpg 926064.jpg
  • 9/23/2006 Congratulations to Tyson Griffin and Matt Hughes for their UFC 63 wins tonight.
  • 9/07/2006 Congratulations to the Universal Grappling Academy Children's team members who had intense promotion testing for 3 days this week and were promoted to the next rank. Giovanni & Carlos Ruffo, Marshall & Seth Kuhlmann, and Justyn Combado. Thanks to all the parents for their support and involvement in their children's sports activities. Good luck to the next group who will be testing soon.9070603.jpg
  • 8/25/2006 Tyson's childrens book will be released for sale on Friday September 8th. You can get 3 fun stories in 1 colorful book at . Soon also available at, 
  • WonderBoy 
  • Congratulations to Tyson Griffin who has made it to the Big Show and will make his UFC debut on Sept.23rd.
  • 8/24/2006 U.F.C. had exciting news as Champion Matt Hughes will finally get his Rematch against the only man to beat him since 2001 B.J. Penn on the September card. G.S.P. is out with an injury. Rich Franklin also will be defending his title in an upcoming UFC show.
  • 8/04/2006 King of the Cage (Rapid Fire) was probably the best KOTC show that I have seen in memory. With 18 fights I would have to say that at least the entire later half of the show was excellent. Some outstanding bloody wars happened that night as James Fanshier battled Brian Warren to a doctor stoppage in an incredible back and forth welterweight bout. Nam Phan also had a blood soaked war with Canadian Ryan Diaz which was an action packed kickboxing war that was probably the best fight of the year! Thomas Kenny fought Aaron Wetherspoon for the vacant KOTC Welterweight belt but came up short after a hard fought battle. Wetherspoon is now the new Champion. KOTC Lightweight Champion Mac Danzig defended his belt against Buddy Clinton after 3 rounds of unexciting action. There were fighters representing Canada, Japan, Hungary, at this event. Many MMA stars were out also to watch the action - Quinton Rampage Jackson, Joe Stevenson, Dean Lister, Caro Paresian, Dan Henderson, and many more.
  • 7/01/2006 The Gladiator Challenge held a stellar show for it's first California sanctioned event. There were 5 title bouts that saw all the current champions retain their titles in some great MMA wars Urijah Faber stopped Japans Naoya Uematsu, James Fanshier defeated Steve Renaud, Jamie Jara choked out Dustin Arden in 42 seconds, and Bo Cantrell again beat Rocky Batastini. A new Lightheavyweight Champion took over the vacant title Emmanuel Newton as he defeated a tough Kacey Uscola. Cal Worsham was inducted into the Gladiator Challenge Hall of Fame!
  • 6/09/2006 KOTC held it's star filled event at the Soboba Casino where celebrities such as Ozzie Osborne, Mark Coleman, Wes Sims, NFL players Lance Zeno & Christian Acoiya all showed up.The UGA fighter Ernie Perea won his fight in the first round by TKO. Bad Boy fighter Al Garza lost his fight to Sean Bias as Thomas Kenny fought tough for another victory. Bobby Hoffman was a no-show against his opponent UFC veteran Wes Sims. At the Strikeforce event in San Jose CA. Tyson Griffin increased his record to 7-0 by defeating UFC veteran Duane Ludwig. Griffin is in the top 5 for Tyson Johnson's fighter of the year award.
  • OzzyOsborne.jpgTyandgroup.jpg
  • TyMarkandWes.jpg
  • 6/08/2006 Tonight KOTC filmed it's next version of the KOTC Cage Girl competition finals with 14 beautiful women competing for the title -2 returning favorites were Jami Lee Culbertson and De De Duran.
  • Jamiringgirls2.jpg
  • 5/27/2006 Tonights UFC saw Matt Hughes beat Royce Gracie and Diego Sanchez beat John Allessio.
  • 5/15/2006 Some sure deal exciting fights to look out for - June 9th (KOTC) Buddy Clinton vs Mac Danzig, June 9th (Strike Force) Tyson Griffin vs Dwayne Ludwig, Brian Warren vs Kung Lee,  July 22nd (WFA) Quinton Jackson vs Matt Lindland, Bas Rutten vs Kimo Leopoldo, July 1st (Gladiator Challenge) Jaime Jara vs Dustin Arden, James Fanshier vs Brian Warren. July 8th (UFC) Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz 2, Andre Arlovski vs Tim Silvia.
  • 5/13/2006 KOTC held it's event at the Apache Gold Casino in San Carlos Arizona tonight that saw Bantamweight Champion Urijah Faber (12-1) defend his world title against the always tough Charlie Valencia (7-0) giving Charlie his first professional MMA loss. We also saw the return of MMA legend Don Frye as he had a 3 round war against the up and coming Native American Champion Warpath which ended in a split decision draw. Other wins came from Bobby Hoffman, Brett Sloan, and Kaycey Uscola. Al Garza did not fight as expected. Special Guests WWF Hall of Famer SuperStar Billy Graham, NFL star Michael Westbrooke and others enjoyed the show tonight.               
  • TyandDonFrye.jpg           BillyGraham.jpg
  • 5/03/2006 Don't forget to check out Tyson's new forum on where you can ask the questions and get the answers right from Tyson himself. Tyson101 Register today and ask away!!
  • 5/02/2006 As the world of Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in California, KOTC/Gladiator Challenge have now set it's first California Regulated show for July 1st in Sacramento California. The July 9th KOTC  fight card continues to change as Thomas (wildman) Denny has now pulled himself off of the card against Thomas Kenny and sources say he'll also be leaving the organization in search for a greener  pasture. The UGA training center has been going very well and is already looking for expansion.
  • 4/22/2006 Tonight 3 UGA members showed BIG heart as they entered into their first amateur competition at the Wildman smoker event, and after only a short time in training. We are very proud of the hard work and efforts of Maria Maya (kickboxing), Fermin Hernandez (Boxing), and Jimmy Ramirez (MMA). We also want to say great job to Carlos (5 yrs old) and Giovanni Ruffo (4 yrs old) for their great half time demonstration show. We appreciate all of the UGA supporters that came out both friends and family.
  • 4/15/2006 The UFC had it's first Show under California regulated rules tonight. Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin fought a tramendous fight which showed that Forrest is the real deal. I personally feel that a draw would have been the right decision. Sean Sherk continued his dominance by beating Nick Diaz. The bummer of the night was Tim Sylvia regaining the Heavyweight championship from Andre Arlovski.
  • 4/07/2006 The Gladiator Challenge made a huge showing at the Konacti Vista Casino in Lake Port CA. Defending Champions James Fanshier and Tyson Griffin both won their matches with ease. The other 13 matches were not without excitement and good entertainment.
  • 4/06/2006 The UFC Ultimate Fight Night was a huge success tonight on Spike T.V. - Tuff 2 winner Rashad Evans won his bout as Joe Stevenson lost via a decision.
  • 4/02/2006 King of the Cage sold out the Chukchansi Gold Casino with 12 exciting fights. Bo Cantrell successfully defended his Gladiator Challenge Heavyweight title during the show by knocking out Brian Sesma in just 12 seconds. Local favorites Andy Maccarone, Anthony Ruiz, Shane Stewart, and Eli Joslin all won their fights.
  • 3/25/2006 King of the Cage saw only 2 fights that lasted no more than 5 1/2 minutes during their FREE showing for all of those who were rained out last Sunday. But in those breif minutes Thomas (Wildman) Denny lost his KOTC Welterweight title during his first title defense by triangle choke to Matt Stansell of the North County Fight club. Charlie Valencia made quick work of Dell Hawkins in 2:04 by tko.
  • 3/19/2006 Last night 3/18 at the Soaring Eagle Casino (Michigan) KOTC put on an 11 fight show that saw Buddy Clinton choke out KrazyHorse in only 18 seconds, Brendon Seguein get a victory, as well as KOTC lightweight champion Mac Danzig successfully defend his title against Jason Ireland. Then tonight KOTC spent a soggy night at the Soboba Casino as they attempted to put on a 21 fight show featuring Thomas Denny's first title defense, the return of Charlie Valencia, and so much more. Dale Breese did fight and won his bout as did Wes Combs, and now after showing only 11 fights in the pouring rain to die hard MMA fans KOTC has offered a free show to all fans next week Saturday at 4:00pm. Former MMA champion Don Frye made an announcement of his return to the American fight circuit as he'll do battle at the KOTC event held in Arizona on May 13th. Flashback to Friday 3/17 where KOTC bantamweight champion Urijah Faber beat WEC champ Cole Escovedo in what was called an intense and fast paced war.
  •  3/ 11/2006 The Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville California hosted a huge 22 fight event today and saw the return of TPK (Tall Paul Karsky) as he used a triangle choke to get his win at 4:58 of the first round. Also GC Heavyweight Champion Bo Cantrell successfully defended his title against Mike Bourke. Phil Garcia and Chuck Kim also worked their way to easy wins for the evening.
  •  3/05/2006 During the KOTC show at the Ute Mountain Casino in Colorado on March 4th. We found out that KOTC has signed MMA superstar Don Fry to fight on the Apache Gold Fight card along with the eagerly awaited Urijah Faber vs Charlie Valencia fight. We would like to congratulate Rich Franklin and George St. Pierre for their bif UFC wins on Saturday night.

(2-18-06 Los Angeles, Tyson Johnson Interview)
Interviewed by Paul Smith.

One of our readers had a chance to sit down with one of the busiest individuals in M.M.A., ''The Iron man'' Tyson Johnson. He is the King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge ring announcer; he is the owner & lead instructor of the Universal Grappling Academy in Victorville, Ca, and now a 2x time book author.

Paul Smith: I have seen you on PayPerView TV as the KOTC ring announcer. Tell me about your ring-announcing career?

Tyson Johnson: I have been in the ring announcing business for a little over 6 years now. I do all the PayPerView shows for Gladiator Challenge and KOTC. My goal is to make a difference in mixed martial arts through my ring announcing, by trying to involve each fan who comes out to see the show. I have a lot of respect for all the fighters, being a fighter myself. I try to incorporate what I would want out of a ring announcer, as if I am the one walking down that ramp, up into the cage. I want to bring the adrenaline level up within the fighters, and some energy into the fans in the seats. Fans and the fighters feed off of one another, and it?s my job to bring the two sides together.

Click Here To READ THE REST....

PS: I have seen you on PayPerView TV as the KOTC ring announcer. Tell me about your ring-announcing career?

TJ: I have been in the ring announcing business for a little over 6 years now. I do all the PayPerView shows for Gladiator Challenge and KOTC. My goal is to make a difference in mixed martial arts through my ring announcing, by trying to involve each fan who comes out to see the show. I have a lot of respect for all the fighters, being a fighter myself. I try to incorporate what I would want out of a ring announcer, as if I am the one walking down that ramp, up into the cage. I want to bring the adrenaline level up within the fighters, and some energy into the fans in the seats. Fans and the fighters feed off of one another, and it?s my job to bring the two sides together.

PS: Gladiator Challenge & KOTC have in the past, put together fights involving some of their staff. Referees Herb Dean, Larry Landless, and commentator Eric Apple to name a few have competed. Do you plan on fighting again, along with ring announcing?

TJ: As far as I know, I am the first, and only person in any sport, to compete and announce the event in the same night / same card. I did that accomplishment a few years ago in Gladiator Challenge. ?I won by front choke, by the way.? My ring announcing and other business ventures keep me real busy, so at this time I don?t have any fights in the near future. But?.. If the right situation, and the right organization came calling for me to fight again, I would definitely listen. I definitely love to compete!

PS: Since you brought up how you love to compete. What sets apart the Universal Grappling Academy from other martial arts schools?

TJ: The UGA work ethic is above the rest. UGA has been in business for about 7 ? 8 years now. With a school in Victorville, Ca. and another opening up in Ridgecrest, Ca. in the next 6 months. Other schools can say they teach this, or have that. But I prove it, during every one of my classes. I don?t just sit on the sidelines and tell my students what to do. I?m participating with them also. I?ve seen interviews with instructors on how they teach law enforcement / fire fighters? etc. survival skills to do their job. The advantage I have with teaching officers, firemen/firewomen, etc. is the fact that I KNOW what works in their profession. I was in the law enforcement realm for several years.
Even after I left law enforcement, I still make it a point to go on ride along(s) with guys who patrol the bad neighborhoods like MMA fighter, Ernie Perea. I have personally put myself in the professional workers shoes, to find out what exactly is needed from me at one of my classes, besides a basic cardio workout. That is the UGA work ethic. That is Tyson Johnson's work ethic, constantly learning with an open mind.

PS: In early January 2006, you became an author for the second time. What is your newest book about?

TJ: This book is about health, fitness, training, and nutrition. It covers many areas in the health & fitness world, as well as UGA tips for MMA training and mindset. I have been a fitness trainer for over 15 years and I placed my knowledge within this book for everyone to read. I give tips for men, women, and even children. Everything from women?s self awareness/rape prevention tips, to children?s nutrition needs. In fact I have a rape prevention class, and I teach a children?s health and fitness seminar at the Universal Grappling Academy. It gives parents and children a chance to ask questions regarding their health & fitness concerns.

PS: Since you are now an established ring announcer, MMA fighter, business entrepreneur, and now an author, what is next from Tyson Johnson?

TJ: In 2006, my goals are to increase my workload as a ring announcer with KOTC, Gladiator Challenge, or any other organization that can work within my schedule. I am constantly trying to improve in all aspects of my life. I am currently writing my next book which will be called; ?Tyson Johnson?s: Universal Grappling Academy nutritional & motivational guide Volume II.? This edition will be specializing in safety tips for Firefighters, Law Enforcement personnel, and everyone in between. I don?t set easy goals for myself, but I intend on reaching them. You can get your hands on my latest book at or, under health & fitness. Anyone who is looking for a school to train at, or looking to get into the fight game for the first time, I have it all inside my book. 2006 is going to be a great year not only for me, but for the UGA team also. I am doing my best to bring even more awareness to the fastest growing sport in the world in MMA.

PS: Tyson, Thank you for your time. Anything else you would like to say to the people who will read this? Anything for your fans?

TJ: I want to thank the Lord first and foremost. HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last several years. UGA fighters; Hasani White, Paul Karsky, Jimmy Ramirez, Ernie Perea, the team over at The Temple of Evolved Martial Arts, and Terry and Tedd of KOTC/G.C. Check out my web site at for more information on my book, as well as a wide variety of other news. Oh yeah, one more thing. We at the UGA, as well as the KOTC family lost one of our family members, in Joseph Wyatt. I would like to send my love and prayers to Joseph?s parents, his brother Tommy Wyatt, and Joe?s Goddaughter Shelbie. Joseph has been honored on the March 19th 2006 KOTC poster, he will be truly missed.

  • 2/17/2006 Tonight, KOTC owner Terry Trabilcock and Promoter Monty Cox put on a fine show in Moline Illinoise. The pay per view showing will air on Friday night March 10th. We saw many talented fighters, and many of them who have the potential to make it far in this sport. ThrowDown is the new magazine put out by Todd Hester (formerly of Grappling Magazine and Bodyguard). This magazine is TOP quality and will surely be the best source for your MMA information needs. Look for it in your local area, and support this magazine. (Especially since from what I have heard, the other 2 will no longer be available).
  • 2/04/06 The great champion Randy Couture retires tonight after his final bout against Chuck Lidell. KOTC Heavyweight Champion Paul Buentello destroys Rage in the Cage Champion Gilbert Aldona in UFC 57.
  • 2/2/06 Tedd Williams Gladiator Challenge was a Big hit at the Colusa Casino tonight as Jaime Jara was crowned the 2005 Fighter of the Year by Tyson Johnson after being the first and only competitor to win 3 titles in 3 weight classes. The night was packed with action including a successful Heavyweight title defense by Champion Bo Cantrell. Shawn Bias, also beat the tough veteran Dave Velasquez in a lightweight battle.
  • 1/29/06 Tyson's New MMA training book is now available at #24.  This weekend Urijah Faber won his fight in Canada. This March 19th at KOTC marks the return of a former great champion Charlie Valencia who will fight a tough Del Hawkins. John Alessio has been rumored to have been called up to the UFC Octagon for a fight in the near future. Check out Tyson's book and give feedback... #24
  • 1/19/06  UFC officials announce their California debut under the newly passed MMA laws at the Anaheim Pond.. The event will be held in April.
  • 1/1/2006 In Loving memory of Joseph (Jo-Jo) Wyatt who will always be remembered as a great friend and respected member of the UGA who was set to fight within the next few months.To all friends and family members T. Johnson Enterprises and The Universal Grappling Academy has suffered a great loss. Joey Wyatt was shot and killed by some scum sucking convict gangbanger after a New Years Party this morning in Hesperia CA. Joe is survived by family and UGA members Ernie Perea, Tommy Wyatt, and Frankie Guerreo. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his caring mother and the entire family. 1/6/06 UPDATE: On Sunday 1/8/06 a fantastic young man in Joe Wyatt will be laid to rest in Hesperia CA. Tonight I had the pleasure of paying my respects at his familes home and was moved to see the love and compassion that each family member displayed. Joeseph -  the son, brother, cousin, and friend was surely taken far before his time and will be greatly missed by all who love him. May God bless his soul and his wonderful family. He will represent the UGA Champion in the heavens.
  • 12/27/2005 We would like to offer our get well thoughts to KOTC veteren Randy Velarde who was stabbed multiple times by some worthless low life while inside a sports bar tonight. We wish Randy a speedy recovery.
  • 12/22/05 A Sherdog rumor has it that big time fight name and friend BAS RUTTEN has left Japans mega fight show (PRIDE Fighting Championships) and will now again be working as the main commentator for King of the Cage. We'll let you know the 411 as we find out more.
  • 12/11/05 Gladiator Challenge at the Chuckchansi Gold Resort & Casino in Coursegold CA. was great, along with their professional and very fun front desk staff. We watched the two greatest 145pound Champions in the world defend their respected titles. Urijah Faber -  KOTC Bantamweight Champion defeated the always tough Charles Krazyhorse Bennet by rear naked choke in the first round. Gladiator Challenge Bantamweight Champion - Tyson Griffin continues to destroy his opponents as he defeated a very tough George Evangelista by TKO in the first round. Other fighters that saw wins on Sunday nafternoon were Anthony Ruiz, and Andy Macarone.
  • 12/07/05 Tonight Tyson made was the special guest announcer for a great stand up comedy event in Studio City presented by Naked Nuts and hosted by the nationally known radio personality and sports columnist Jody Austin (The Sports Chick) along with her sidekick TarrZan (The Comedy junkie). This was an excellent show filled with top comedians from around the world.  Go see Naked Nuts on Wednesday Nights 9:00pm at 12430 Riverside Drive, Studio City -  The Port - Sports Bar and Grill.
  • 12/02/05 KOTC at the Soboba Casino saw the now former Welterweight Champion James Fanshier lose his 170lb title to Thomas Denny. Manny Tapia successfully defended his superlightweight title against a tough 808 Fight Factory opponent. Nam Phan made quick work of his opponent in only 19 seconds. Other winners of the night were Brian warren, Thomas Kenny, Fernando Gonzales, and Arron Whetherspoon.
  • As of DECEMBER 28, 2005 MMA will be officially legalized in CALIFORNIA. Thank you CSAC, and Doc. Nelson Hamilton for all of your efforts to help make this possible.
  • 11/19/05 UFC bad mouths The Gladiator Challenge during a poor/dull fight on their pay per view show. Joe Rogan UFC commentator made  bad remark towards the GC on national television, soon we hope to have comments from Tedd Williams - Owner of the Galdiator Challenge. Joe Riggs may have lost to UFC Champion Matt Hughes tonight, but he'll surely be a big hit when he makes his King of the Cage debut in early 2006. With the return of BJ Penn, the 3rd match between Coutureand Liddell, along with the rival coaches of the T.U.F. season 3, the 2006 year looks very exciting and awesome for the UFC.
  • 11/16/05 It's official, today Tyson submitted his U.G.A. Training,Nutrition,and Motivation Guide to the publishers. Look for this exciting and educational book to be available by March 2006.
  • 11/13/05 Congratulations to Jaime Jara of Cal Worshams Team X for winning the Gladiator Challenge Middle Weight Championship after a fast and hard fought battle with Dustin Arden. This is Jaime's 3rd title in his 3rd weight class. We are very proud of his hard work and efforts, what a great heart!!
  • 11/05/05 Congratulations to my friends and associates Joe Stevenson, Diego Sanchez, and Rashad Evans for their wins during The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finals. Great job gentlemen, keep up the great work!!!
  • 10/29/05 King of the Cage (Execution Day) in Reno Nevada was much better than expected. 10 action packed fights inside the Reno Event Center with Urijah Faber with a successful title defense against up and comer Shawn Bias, 6-0 undefeated,Buddy Clinton tastes his first loss against Japanese fighter Takefumi Hanai, War Path wins a tough fight, and a big surprise as Mac Danzig stuns the world with his easy defeat of the tough Japanese fighter Takuni Nakayama to win the KOTC LightWeight Championship. We had a great crowd of enthusiastic fight fans. It was a pleasure to work with all of those involved with the Nevada State Athletics Commission, and I hope to have more opportunities to work with them again.
  • 10/26/05 Congratulations goes out to Tyson Johnson who as of today is a certified Published Author - The Session has been completed and the publishing company says his short story book will be available world wide within 6 - weeks. Tysons UGA Training Guide should be completed in November and sent to the presses. If all goes well, that will be available for purchase by March 06. along with his childrens book that is being illustrated as we speak! Keep it up Tyson, You can accomplish anything!!!
  • 10/26/05 An unnamed source told us the rumor that about a month ago an incident in Riverside County involved UFC Champion Chuck Liddell being handcuffed and brought to his knees at shot gun point after law enforcement was called to a pc415 call at a gas station.
  • 10/7/05 - Tonight the UFC Heavyweight Champion takes on the King of the Cage Heavyweight Champion. 10:00pm - With a stunning ending, Paul Buentello was knocked out by the UFC Champion in only 15 seconds. I have no doubt Buentello will be back in the winners circle very soon. We hope that he will soon be back in the KOTC cage defending his Heavyweight title where he belongs.
  • 10/5/05 - UFC blocks out all media access for Friday's pay per view event #55. Dana White is  bothered by the lack of professional integrity MMA media that has constantly given up too much information, too soon.
  • Check out these three amazing sites for the Best MMA Apparel, up to date news, and The Fight Broker - / /
  • 9/23/05 At the King of the Cage event, UGA had 5 fighters entered and went 3-1-1 in front of an excited crowd.
  • 9/18/05 - Well, we had 18 fights and nothing great to talk about at the Gladiator Challenge matches but they were surely better than the T.U.F. match they had on Spike on Monday night 9/19/05. The 4 HOT ring girls sure made the show exciting......People are still stunned over the Faber loss to Griffen. Tyson Griffin will not be fighting Takumi for the KOTC 155lb title.Mac Danzig will take his place for the title shot.
  • 9/10/2005 - It can happen to any good champion!, In an incredible battle that should have been fought on Pay Per View television, 2004 Fighter of the Year Urijah Faber (now 8-1) sustained a 2 inch cut on his front head area at the beginning of the fight from the cage which may have thrown off his game as he later lost his Gladiator Challenge Bantum weight title to an explosive rising star Tyson Griffin (now 4-0) during the 3rd round. Faber still has his KOTC belt to defend, and this Competitor said he's not finished with Griffin, and wants a rematch  in the near future. Griffin says "Faber will have to earn it!" Nick Ertle lost his GC light weight title to Mac Danzig in the first round. Other winners were Ryan Perez of Rare Breed, and Erik Hayes of Worshams Team X. Rick Collup did not show up for his fight against Cal Worsham.......
  • 8/25/05 The Gladiator Challenge has 2 new Champions! 1st. HeavyWeight Champion Bo (Red Rum) Cantrell, and 2nd Light Heavyweight Champion Edwin (Babyface) Dewees. Congratulations to both of them for their hard work and efforts. 145lb. Champion Urijah Faber is healing well and will be fighting September 10th . Welterweight Champion James Fanshier who also had an injury just started to train again for his title bout in December. The Gladiator Girls were the Hottest four combination I have seen in a long time...WOW!!!..
  • 8/5/05 U.G.A. Fighter, Deputy Ernie Perea won his KOTC Pay per View fight by submission in the first round. The return of John Alessio was a fast one with his defeat over world known fighter Shannon (the Cannon) Ritch. Middleweight Champion Joey Villasenior retained his belt after 3 rounds. Nam Phan seemed to be taking some hard shots before pulling out a great arm bar for the win! UGA student and instructor of T.E.M.A. Umar Luv had 2 students make their fight debut on this evening. Thomas Denny won an easy fight for a super fight title, and then called out Welterweight Champion James Fanshier who made fun of the Quote "handed out title" " As George Lucas made yoda, now Terry Trabilcock made Thomas Denny" end Quote! If that wasn't enough, from outside the cage, UGA fighter Richard Solis continued to taunt and badger Denny as he is trying to get a rematch of their fight in 2003 at the Pala Casino. Special Guests of Tyson Johnson and KOTC were the like of Tito Ortiz, Dan Henderson, Royce Gracie, Quinton (Rampage) Jackson, B.E.T., and representatives of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Greg Jackson, and Cal Worsham. This Pay per View is set to air on Friday August 12, 2005.   AND, for all of you SMART ASSES out there, the Rematch between Tyson and the Speaker that fell onto his head 2 weeks ago is set for our next Pay per View show!!!  ha ha ha  ha ha ha..........
  • 7/27/05 With only a week and a half to go, the U.G.A. Law Enforcement Officer Ernie Perea who was set to fight Parolee Albert Hill on Aug. 5th at the KOTC pay per view show just received some Bad news! On Tuesday night 7/26/05 Albert Hill was Arrested by the U.S. Marshalls Office for parol violations! Promoters are now looking for another parolee to fill the spot for this highly publisized bout.185lb U.G.A. Fighter Hasani White is preparing for his next bout..His sites are set for September or October.
  • 7/17/05 The U.G.A. has taken 2 losses over the last 2 shows first Paul Karsky and now Hoss Carter! The guy's train as hard as they can considering what they have to work with. Tyson pledges to work harder to get the funds for a proper training facility, so that these fighters can benefit from a structured program. In his Gladiator Challenge debut, Hoss (6'3 260lbs) put up a good fight against a top class wrestler. In a freak accident, Tyson was knocked out when an 80lb speaker fell and landed onto his head and left shoulder. Despite being injured and bleeding, Tyson finished the show and later sought medical attention.
  • KOTC Ring Girl competition finals in Las Vegas(7/7/05) went very well, Pay per View showing to be on air in next 2 months. KOTC fights in Arizona (7/9/05) at the Apache Gold Casino went well, but with a few glitches for the first time there...Over 3,000 peopled showed to support our growing Organization. Our PHOTO GALLERY has been updated with more cool pics as of 7/11/05.
  • 7/02/05 has pledged 50% 0f all sales for Multi-Vitamin, Weight Loss, or Natural Cures Book product(s) to the U.G.A. Kids Wrestling Program. Or you can Visit: .
  • 6/27/05 Vitamin Program promotes health and gives 10% funds to UGA youth program. Please visit and help the Kids program! They need your support today for a healthy sports life tomorrow.
  • 6/19/05  T. Johnson Enterprises and Bosomo Designs join forces to provide good quality custom apparel printing for your personal or business needs at reasonable prices. Check out Custom Shirts on this site...
  • 6/17/05 Krazy Horse and KOTC Middle weight Champion Joey Villasenior along with Miguel Guiterrez  all win thier fights in New Mexico with ease. Diego Sanchez was the special guest of his friend - ( Ring Announcer) Tyson Johnson in hopes to repair the relationship between Sanchez and Promoters Trebilcock and Burleson. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was also on hand..Talks of future KOTC fights for Jackson have been rumored.
  • 6/14/05 Thomas Denny seems to have everybody on his tail. First, He has a rematch to try and remove the KOTC welter weight title from James Fanshier, Second - Back stage of the KOTC on June 12th words were exchanged between Denny and fighter of the night Richard Solis to possibly set up a rematch between them, Third, and now Manny Reyes Jr. has openly called Thomas a coward on the Sherdog forum for not responding to his challemge for a fight. W'ell see how the next few months go for The Wildman.....
  • 6/12/05 THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER - UGA member RICHARD SOLIS beats long time rival John(The Nightmare) Cole by TKO in the first round!! This long lasting fued may now be over after the 3rd fight between these two Gladiators! John says he is done fighting, and Richard says he has just begun! Good luck to John in his life, and Great Job Richard Solis. * Nam Phan wins again, as does Thomas (The Wildman) Denny who then swore to destroy James Fanshier on August 5th when Thomas goes after the Welter weight title for a second time.
  • 6/04/05 KOTC Heavyweight Champion Paul Buentello knocks out another UFC fighter and is now 2-0 in the Octagon. Rich Franklin stops Evan Tanner to win the UFC Middleweight Title.
  • 6/03/05 The Gladiator Challenge in Colusa California went well with 16 fights this past Thursday night. Welter Weight Champion James (The Educator) Fanshier made quick work of his opponent, then made mention of the opponent who didn't show up Thomas (The Wildman) Denny. Appearently they'll do battle again some time in August at KOTC. The new cage design for King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge that is pat. pending was finally revieled and used at  this show, and the cage is awesome. 145lb Champion Urijah Faber was at the show but was on crutches with a severe ankle sprain, we hope that he heals up soon and returns to action.
  • Thank you Richard and Brigitta for sponsoring the UGA with your Hit Master Personal Trainer from ImpactTrainingSystems. It's great!! Our reaction times are all over the place, but getting better.
  • 5/21/2005 Law Enforcement Officer, Ernie Perea  makes his final MMA appearance in August at the King of the Cage show, Tyson Johnson prepares Deputy Perea for a hard battle and a great victory.
  • 5/11/05 California Commission continues to push back MMA sanctions. Now, until August. We'll see !!!!
  • 5/09/05 Tyson offered a 4 show deal for King of the Cage in CANADA..... First show in October... 
  • 5/08/05 A special thanks to fighting champions Randy Couture, Frank Trigg, Quinton Jackson, and Heath Hearing for supporting last nights King of the Cage at the Buffalo Bills Casino in Nevada. You can see all of the action on Pay Per View Friday Night May 20th.
  • 4/28/05 2 new possible locations for the UGA in the works, New Mexico and Trona/Ridgecrest area. Tyson to view areas and find possible solutions for both locations.

 4/25/05 I want to give a BIG thanks to 2 very special girls who are my #1 fans and who are also my 2 newest students in womens self defense.....Mayci Cortese  &  Becca Romp. Keep practicing girls !!! ; )

  • 4/25/05 Tyson gets offered KOTC in New Mexico on June 17th.... He'll be there !!!!
  • 4/16/05 Brent Wooten was forced to retire from fighting after suffering ANOTHER KO loss in El Paso Texas.  Bad attitude, non serious training, and the lack of talent are reflected in our decision. Wootens latest comments and actions give the UGA a bad reputation in my oppinion. It's best for everybody.....
  • 4/14/05 We want to thank our sponsor for thier support and enocourage you to visit.
  • May 9th: UGA fighter Hasani White wins his Gladiator Challenge fight in Lakeport CA. and is now 2-0
  • Thank you Mike and Teresa Sizemore of SIZEMORE CONSTRUCTION for your sponsorship. Business owners who sponsor the UGA are greatly needed and Appreciated!!
  • 4/02/05 Congratulations to Joe (Daddy) Stevenson who along with his beautiful girlfriend are expecting a baby. After speaking with Joe at the Total Combat 8 show in Tijuana Mexico Joe has confirmed that he will NOT be returning to KOTC to fight Takumi. Joe has been selected to be one of the talents for the 2nd season of The Ultimate Fighter. We wish Joe and his new family great happiness and good luck with all he does.
  • KOTC commentator ERIK (the Bad) APPLE easily won his fight at theTotal Combat show making his record 5-0. His opponent recieved a bitter taste of the Bad Apple, but also a torn ACL for his troubles.
  • The rumors that Joe Stevenson will return to KOTC to fight Takumi for the lightweight championship on the May 7th card are still unconfirmed. Could Joe 195lbs lose the weight and be ready? We'll wait and see.
  • 3/20/05 Great show for KOTC almost all 21 fights were exciting and filled with action. Umar Luv defeated a tough opponent in Andy Maccarone by decision, Krazy Horse fought a hard fight to a 10 minute draw. The return of Tony Galindo was short as an injury threw him off his game and that ended with a loss. Chris Brennans Next Generation team dominated the show with 4 wins. The ring girls were awesome, and other stars were there such as Diego Sanchez, Paul Buentello, Rampage Jackson,and Chris Brennan. The crowd was good and a close second to the Ohio crowd for the best fight crowd award.
  • 3/20/05 A sad day for Universal Grapplers who sported 3 losses at the KOTC fights this Sunday. Paul Karsky, Brent Wooten, and Nick Davanzo all put up good fights, but came up short. Back to training and time to get ready for their next events. All 3 are good competitors and already claim victory for their next fights.
  • Hasani White of Tyson Johnsons Universal Grappling Academy WINS his fight debut at the Gladiator Challenge show in Porterville CA. Hasani is now set for fight #2 on April 9th in Northern CA. Along with Brent Wooten who will be fighting a week later in El Paso Texas.  The 2004 fighter of the year Urijah Faber successfully defended his belt against an over matched opponent. His next defense will be at KOTC May 7th against Chuck Kim. Faber is my favorite to win that match as well. Photos from the event and the KOTC ring girl competition will be in the photo section within 2 weeks.
  • Friday March 11th come join Tyson as he hosts the KOTC Ring Girl competition finals at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Neveda. This show should be Hot and Wild !!!!!!
  • March 2, 2005 sponsors Tyson and the Universal Grappling Academy. They team up to promote, advertise and market the world of MMA. These guys are great and have a great site for you to enjoy.
  • UPDATES for KOTC Pay Back will be posted after the pay per view showing on SUN. March 6, 2005
  • Special thanks of appreciation goes ot to Brad Veret, who is The Icon of King of the Cage. So much hard work and effort goes into putting on a show, and Brad helps to lead the bunch.
  • CONGRADULATIONS!!!! The sport of MMA is now LEGAL !!! Feb.22, 2005  The California State Athletics Commission passed the law 4 to 1 in favor of  a new and exciting chapter in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Feb. 2005 Tyson teams up with PsyKogear for promotions and publicity.
  • Tyson leaves for Cleveland Ohio Feb. 24th to Host KOTC pay per view event. (Dan Severn vs Butter Bean)
  • 3 Universal Grappling Academy fighters are set to do battle in the next 2 months Nick Davanzo: KOTC Pay per View - March 20th, Hasani White makes his fight debut at Gladiator Challenge March 13th at 195lbs, and Brent (The Hammer) Wooten will make his return to the cage on March 20th at the Soboba Casino, and on April 9th at a new venue in Northern California.
  • To see or to order great fight photos visit:http://www.fightnite.photoreflect.comand enjoy the excellent pictures that are available from the famous Cage Fight Photographer Jose Maldonado of FightNite Photography.
  • (Feb. 5,05) KrazyHorse Knocks out opponent along with front teeth in only 11 seconds of 1st round.
  • (Feb. 5,05) Nam Phan has tough opponent, but through good skills and toughness wins a tough fight.
  • (Feb. 5,05) WARPATH stops a tough Vince Lucero in the second round. Next up...Dan Bobish
  • (Feb. 5,05) Terry Trebilcock, Jim Burelson, Tyson Johnson, and Ian Troy put on a good show for an excited and enthusiastic New Mexico croud. Special thanks to the New Mexico State Athletics Commission.
  • (Feb. 5,05) KOTC Heavyweight Champion Paul Buentello KO's UFC fighter in 1st round..Great Job!! Also KOTC fighter and friend Mike Kyle finishes James Irvin during the first round of James UFC debut.
  • (1-23-05)Tyson Goes to Cleveland Ohio Feb. 24th for King of the Cage Pay per View!!
  • (1-23-05)New Casino deal signed for Gladiator Challenge...First show is April 9, 2005
  • (1-28-05) KOTC Heavyweight Champion Paul Buentello  set to fight in this Feb. 5th UFC event along with team mate and friend Mike Kyle. We wish them both good luck in the event.
  • (1-28-05) Both KOTC / Gladiator Challenge Champions Urijah Faber and James Fanshier were at the Gladiator Challenge event in Colusa. Both are preparing for their next fights coming soon.
  • Special Thanks to my friends Dave H.(No limits) Jose M.(Fight Nite Photography) and the guys.
  • Ring Girls (Katie and Daniella) for 1-27-05 Gladiator Challenge A+++ Special Thanks for their participation.
  • Thanks for showing up Jarod Bunch Former NFL #33 New York Giants. We appreciate you!
  • (1-28-05)Dan Severn wins Gladiator Challenge super fight title from great competitor & friend Cal Worsham who ended his final career fight with a rib injury stoppage in the 3rd round.
  • Fanshier says NO ! to rematch with Thomas Denny in Febuary 2005
  • Nick Davanzo signs with U.G.A....3 year deal for 2-0 fighter
  • 2005 will see KOTC show at the California/Nevada State Line Casinos
  • Tyson returns to New Mexico Feb. 2005....1st of 4 possible shows this year
  • Donations are needed as a massive earthquake (9.0) creates a tsunami that devestates 9 south asian countries. Over 150,000 people Dead! Please Help !! Please send any donations to T. Johnson Enterprises: P.O. Box 264 Apple Valley California 92307
  • T. Johnson Enterprises works with True Faith Community Church to raise funds for food and medical aid to go to tsunami victims. Your contributions are greatly needed and appreciated.
  • 2005 to see the return of Tall Paul Karsky fighting in the octagon
  • Tall Paul challenges Alex Rickards to Rematch in June 05
  • (1-01-05)January 2005 Unlimited Fitness now under Golds Gym control...Many drop membership !
  • Contributions are needed to help fund a new UGA facility and kids wrestling program, both Monthly and One Time Donations are appreciated.Send To T. Johnson Enterprises - P.O. Box 264 Apple Valley Ca. 92307
  • (1-17-05)Johnson enters new work force with Sizemore Construction, 1/2 of all Monies earned will go to the tsunami victims relief fund and the land slide victims in California. Special thanks to Mike and Teresa Sizemore. 

  • March 21, 2009 The Grapplers Quest Tournament was held in Southern California and saw 3 more U.G.A. competitors dominate. Marky Samano 1st place, Ryan Spangler 2nd place, and Luke Fornwald 2nd place.
  •  March 28, 2009 The Gladiator Challenge held it's first event at the No Limits MMA gym in Irvine, California. The show was filled with hot upper class women that had all the guys looking like bobble heads. There were 10 fights that saw Larry Mays get a 25 second injury TKO over Paulo Gazze Jr., Hector Carrillo defeat Nick Moghaddan, Nick Reale had a tough battle with Brian Julian, and Fernando Berstein defeat Luke Adams in a 3 round war. Other winners were Paul Webb, Octavio Morales, Ryan Lang, and Kenny Mc corkell.